A Special Place for a Special Time

The Living Room at CCPC

The Living Room at CCPC

By guiding them through all the options they have—from transporting their pet’s body to memorializing the life they shared—Deb calms the frayed nerves of people who have been devastated by the ordeal of the loss.

Losing your pet is a very special time, a time when you want someone who understands your grief and will treat your precious one with tenderness and concern. When considering your options for the aftercare of your pet, you can either let the veterinary clinic offer you their available choices or you can choose to make the arrangements yourself directly with your selected aftercare provider.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation offers specialized care from the time your pet’s body is received until the time your loved one is returned to you. Deb Chebatoris, the owner of CCPC sees you through the entire process herself—from the initial phone call, through the transportation of the body, the cremation at the facility in Bridgeville and the comforting return into your hands. Unlike any other cremation service in the city all the steps performed to cremate your pet are carried out by Deb herself.

Upon entering CCPC’s facility, families are greeted with a peaceful living room setting where they can discuss arrangements or receive their pet’s cremains. Your pet is there with you, and you may even choose to spend some quiet time, saying your final goodbyes.

bagwithroseUnique to CCPC is the preparation of the cremains for return to the family; each pet is returned in a handmade fabric bag. This bag can be made from a fabric selected from the vast collection of beautiful textiles at the facility. Alternatively, Deb can craft your precious pet’s bag from a fabric that the family provides—a winter coat, a favorite neckerchief, a baby blanket. A favorite stuffed animal can even be incorporated into the design of the bag. “When I place the pet’s cremated remains into the hands of the family member, it reminds them of the soft, warm touch of their beloved pet.”

The hallmark of Deb’s service is her gentle, reassuring voice, providing advice and suggestions to families who are generally overcome with grief. “Families most often don’t even know where to start after experiencing the gut-wrenching loss of their pet,” she says.

A selection of the many urns offered by CCPC.

A selection of the many urns offered by CCPC.

Believing that each pet is unique, CCPC offers an array of over 350 different urns along with several hundred jewelry options to hold the pet’s cremains. Urns are available in wood, ceramic, marble, quartz and various metals. They can be personalized with the pet’s name and can provide a place to display the pet’s picture. All these options help the family focus on highlighting the very special characteristics that made this pet precious.

Care for the family extends way beyond just the immediate needs of the cremation. Twice a year, CCPC offers events to help families deal with the overwhelming grief that often accompanies the loss of a pet. Healing Hearts is one of these events. Scheduled for February 12, 2017, attendees will hear an enlightening presentation on grief and how to work through its impact. Details for this and the other program, Pet Memorial Sunday, are available on the CCPC website under the tab “Support for You”.

Healing Hearts and Pet Memorial Sunday are but two of the special programs offered free of charge by CCPC. Classes are also periodically offered to assist pet families—Pet First Aid and Dog Aggression classes have been well attended and enthusiastically appreciated.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation truly is a special place for a special time.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2017 issue of Pittsburgh PetConnections Magazine.

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