Even the Tiniest of Pets are Remembered at Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony September 10

“What is the smallest pet you’ve cremated?” is a question Deb Chebatoris, owner of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, is often asked when talking with families about arrangements for their pet’s cremation. Until recently, goldfish and sugar gliders were the 1A and … Continue reading

Healing Hearts for Pet Lovers, Sunday, February 12, 2017


After the rush of the holidays the grief of a recent loss can return, and that’s no different for pet lovers who’ve lost an animal companion. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation offers specialized care from the time your pet’s body is … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet


Often in conversations with families we talk about saying goodbye to their pet. These “rites of passing” could loosely be equated to a human funeral rite where people gather to remember the life lived and bequeath their loved one on … Continue reading

Considering a Rainbow Pet


Recently I learned the term “rainbow baby” from an acquaintance who had just suffered the loss of a miscarriage and is hoping to experience the joy of another child–her “rainbow baby” that brightens life after the terrible storm of the … Continue reading

Pet First Aid Certification Classes Appreciated

October 22 Pet First Aid Class.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation sponsored a four hour pet first aid certification class at the Bridgeville Public Library on Saturday October 22, taught by Karen Sable of Pet Emergency Training, LLC. Although there is usually a charge for attending the … Continue reading

Smallest Pet Cremated-How Small is Too Small?

Maxwell views the world.

“What is the smallest pet cremated?”  That question often surfaces when I am talking with families about arrangements for their pet’s cremation. They frequently ask about “the largest and the smallest pet cremated”.  And until recently, goldfish and sugar gliders … Continue reading

Pet Urn Purchase – Other Considerations

Pet Urns

It’s not surprising how often families ask, “What pet urn should I get?”  The photo of the vase shaped urn with pawprints is what many people think of when they think of a pet urn.  It is one of literally … Continue reading

FoxyBrown’s Memorial Wardrobe

Listening to the stories that draw a portrait of the pet is one of the joys of my profession. Often the family tells of little behaviors of the pet but today’s story is about a playful wardrobe worn by this … Continue reading

Unexpected Death Brings Comfort

The unexpected death of a family pet is a very difficult situation–one that I frequently experience with families.  However, sometimes when you can see the entire picture, a tender love can bring comfort to the family. This is one of … Continue reading