Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

Often in conversations with families we talk about saying goodbye to their pet. These “rites of passing” could loosely be equated to a human funeral rite where people gather to remember the life lived and bequeath their loved one on … Continue reading

Pet Urn Purchase – Other Considerations

Pet Urns

It’s not surprising how often families ask, “What pet urn should I get?”  The photo of the vase shaped urn with pawprints is what many people think of when they think of a pet urn.  It is one of literally … Continue reading

FoxyBrown’s Memorial Wardrobe

Listening to the stories that draw a portrait of the pet is one of the joys of my profession. Often the family tells of little behaviors of the pet but today’s story is about a playful wardrobe worn by this … Continue reading

Buying pet urns — What to consider

Pet Urns

People often ask if they should consider buying pet urns. If you’d like to keep your pet’s cremains in your home, choosing an urn can be a way to honor and celebrate your beloved pet. It’s not surprising how often … Continue reading

In Honor of “Nails”

I was recently honored to work with the family of a retired police dog, “Nails”, who served the Ambridge police department from September 26, 2006 through April 6, 2009 with Sergeant Richard Heitzenrater. Nails was a Belgian Malinois who came … Continue reading