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The urn or container that you select to safekeep your pet’s cremains should be as special as the relationship you had with your pet. This page features just some of the choices that you can make in wood, metal, marble, ceramic, handmade and compound materials and unique combinations.

The pictures are provided here to give you an idea of what is available for your consideration, but I don’t post prices because I feel it’s important to work with my families and all the choices you need to make. Due to the huge variety of choices that you can make, this sample is not intended to provide all the information you may need to make your selection. I would be honored to assist you in providing the information you need to make the perfect choice for you and your pet.

Not sure how to choose an urn?

For more information to help you choose an urn for your pet, read our article “What to Consider When Choosing an Urn

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This is only a sampling of the urns for your pet available. Note that not all urns pictured may be available at all times.

Wooden Urns for Your Pet

Magic Window

Urn-MagicWindowChartiers Custom Pet Cremation is pleased to present the Magic Window series of Urns for Your Pet

Manufactured in the United States of indigenous hard woods, these urns are favored by families for their workmanship, ease of use and choices offered.

Many families prefer an urn that allows them to incorporate a favorite picture of their pet into the urn. Magic Window refers to the frame feature that is a part of each urn. The design makes insertion of the picture simple, eliminating the need to cut the picture so that it fits exactly into the frame. The frame is accessible by sliding it sideways, eliminating the need to open the entire urn to insert or change the picture.

The urn allows you to chose the shape of the frame that best fits your picture. Your choice for frames include the following shapes:

  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Side Oval
  • Double Oval
  • Heart
  • Tilted Heart
  • Circle

Except for the Rectangular frame, all frames can be lasered with your pet’s name and two dates.  Some families show their pet’s date of birth and some show their pet’s date of adoption into their home.

As an alternative to personalizing the frame, you may choose to have a sentiment, name and dates to be lasered onto the top, back or side of the urn.

Most frames are now available with lasered hearts as well as paw prints.

The Double Oval frame can be used in several ways. You may chose to show a kitten/puppy photo in one opening and an adult photo in another. Alternatively, you may want to put two pets to rest in the same urn, so you may show a picture of each pet in the two ovals.

The Tilted Heart frame comes with the sentiment “Forever In Our Hearts” lasered along the side of the frame. This still allows you to have your pet’s name and dates lasered onto the face of the frame. You may choose the Forever In Our Hearts sentiment to be lasered plain or to have paw prints cascading between each word.

The Side Oval Frame allows you to write your own short sentiment (maximum of 14 characters per line). You can use this space to memorialize a favorite nickname or phrase as well as engrave your pets name and dates.

There are two fonts available to be used to laser your pet’s name and dates:

  • Monotype Corsiva which resembles handwriting
  • Times New Roman

The picture shows a sample of each. You may also choose to have sets of four pawprints lasered into the corner(s) of the frame, the front of the frame, or on top of the urn.

Magic Window urns are available in four different woods.
Magic Window urns are available in four different woods:

    • Maple is the lightest color wood available.
    • Oak provides for a more visible grain and is a little darker than the Maple.
    • Cherry starts out light beige and deepens into auburn over time.
    • Walnut provides a deep rich brown.

African Mahogany Small Oval




Urn-MagicWindow-sm-md-lgMagic Window urns are available in three sizes:

Small – Suitable for small dogs and cats

Medium – Suitable for medium dogs or two small dogs or cats

Large – Suitable for large dogs

As you can see, Magic Window urns provide a wide variety of choices in material, design and presentation so that the urn you ultimately receive is a one of a kind memorial to properly remember your one in a million companion.  While you may certainly get an idea of what you may want for your pet, your family may benefit from the knowledge and guidance that we can provide in making the right selections to customize your pet’s urn.

Read more about Magic Window Urns and Options.

Other Wooden Urns for Your Pet

Scenic Textured Photo

Do you have fond memories of hiking with your dog yet you didn’t take a photo there? This unique, “more than meets the eye,” textured photo urn will unite those memories you hold dear.

This urn is created through a remarkable process that will merge two separate photographs into a unique representation of your special time together. The face of the urn will display your photos, and the other sides of the urn are available in either Cherry or Natural Wood.

Recalling magical moments, this urn will melt your heart as you recreate the times spent together with your best friend.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x H x W)

Vertical Wood with Photo

Most picture urns offer a horizontal orientation for the picture but this urn is unique in its ability to display a vertical photo of your pet. This urn’s easily interchangeable photo access, vertical design, and engravable plate offers a unique resting place for your pet.

Available in Walnut, Oak, or Cherry (shown in cherry)

Dimensions on available sizes (H x L x W)

Deep Rich Mahogany

Simple yet special, mahogany wood makes this a unique resting place for your one and only. You can proudly display your pet’s photo behind the plexiglass window. Also available in cedar, and black this urn can accommodate a pet weighing up to 120 pounds.

Dimensions on Available Sizes (L x H x W)

Glossy Photo Tower

Another option for using your favorite vertical photo, this attractive, glossy tower is available in Walnut, Oak, and Cherry. Placement of the photo is incorporated into the profile of the urn. The large size would allow two large pets to be memorialized together.

Dimensions of available sizes

Framed Portraits

Does your pet have a big personality? If so, these urns will allow you to focus on the happy face you adore. You can mount this urn horizontally or vertically on a wall or mantle.

Dimensions on available sizes:

***B  ***M  ***BR-LTD

Mighty Oaks

This wide variety of oak urns offers a “woodsy feel,” perfect for the nature lover. Did you love to picnic with your pup under a beautiful oak or did your cat love to gaze at the birds sitting atop a branch? Your sweet memories can be further represented with these urns as you proudly display your pet’s photo in the easily accessible window frames.

Available in a variety of sizes for your one and only.

Inspiring Poem

This well-known Rainbow Bridge poem appears over a peaceful landscape on this smooth finish, photo frame urn. Easily interchangeable, you can insert a favorite photo of your pet or find comfort in the serene poem already displayed.

Dimensions of available sizes





Exotic Wood Remembrance Urn

0713-WoodUrn-1000px Handmade, this lovely lacewood urn has an exotic flare, perfect for your special companion who “stood out above all the rest.” Secured with bottom fasteners, this urn can be personalized with either an engraved plate or an electroplated plate with your pet’s photo. Dimensions 5L x 3.5W x 4 (25ci)

High-gloss Wood Box Urn With Inner Shelf

handmade wooden urns for cats, dogs and other petsThis composite wood urn comes in two sizes and the top surface can be engraved with your pet’s name and any other remembrance information. Perfect for accommodating a large pet’s cremains or several small pets’ cremains together.

Shelf is fabric covered and rests on ledge above contents and can be used to hold collars, toys or other mementos of your pet.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)

Large  8 x 6 x 7.5 (ci 150)

X-Large  11 x 7 x 10 (300ci)


handmade wooden urns for cats, dogs and other pets

Hinged Wood Remembrance Urns

Made by a local woodworker according to our specifications, these wooden box urns perfectly hold the fabric bag and fur rose cremains presentation that is unique to CCPC. They can be made of cherry or walnut to a size that would be appropriate for your pet. The hinged lid fastens with a countersunk magnet giving a smooth and finished appearance.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)

Small        5  x 3.25  x 2.5 (20ci)

Medium    8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5  (30ci)

Large         9.5 x 4.5 x 3    (45ci)


Rectangular Urn

Rectangular-1000pxThis beautiful antique walnut box urn can discreetly hold your pet’s cremains while displaying a lovely piece of décor in your home.   This spacious urn provides a comfortable resting place for a large pet or two small pets who were bonded in life, and now forevermore.

Dimensions 10L x 4W x 3H (65ci)


Eco-Friendly Woods

The design of this simple yet contemporary style urn is produced from manufactured wood, creating an eco-friendly option for your beloved pets resting place. Available in cherry and natural (shown).

Dimension on available sizes (L x H x W)


Family Wood Urn

If you are like many pets parents, you may have more than one pet. Maybe they loved to “rough house” during play time together or snuggle sweetly at bedtime? If so, then this family wood urn will provide a generous space for your beloveds to be together again. Available in oak and cherry (shown)

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)


Slim Vertical Octagon

This urn reminds us of a mantle clock and lends itself to many different ways to personalize it. You can add a picture, a plate or both, creating a unique resting place for your pet.

Dimensions 7 H x 6 ¾ L x 3 ½ W

Carved Wooden Urns with Decorative Insets

0713-CarvedWoodenBoxes-1000pxMade by artisans in India, these urns for your pet are lined with fabric on the bottom of the box. They have brass hinges, clasps and inset accents and are available in four different sizes to accommodate your small pet or a pet up to 70 pounds.


Falling Leaves

Recall a favorite time in the woods with this lovely wood box accented with brass leaves. Urn closes with a brass latch.




Tree of Life Urn

carved top wooden urnThis lovely hand-carved rosewood urn box has a unique “tree of life” design for your one-of-a-kind companion. With a secure slide out base, this urn is available in two sizes (shown in large) This spacious urn provides a unique resting place for one large pet or a family of pets to be united together once again.

Dimensions on available sizes  ( L x W x H)

Medium  6.5  x 4  x 9      (85ci)

Large     9  x  6.5  x 4.5  (180ci)

Polish Keepsake

Polish-box-design-1000px Crafted in Poland, this unique urn will certainly bring a touch of originality to your home. Unique and discreet designed with wood burn embellishments and a hinged lid, this urn can accommodate a small pet or hold a keepsake you treasure. Dimensions 4L x 3W x 2 (8ci)


Egyptian Urn

Egyptian-1000pxHandmade in Egypt, this antique octagon urn with exquisite mother of pearl inlay will evoke a stately dignity for the beloved companion who rests inside.  The shimmering pinks and greens catch your eye and lead you to the pleasant memories you created with your beloved pet.

Dimensions 5L x 3W x 2H (8ci)


Wooden Keepsake

Wooden-keepsake-1000pxThis multi-wood fused urn is crafted with a lid that secures itself with pegs into the base of the box. Simple yet sweet, this antique urn can accommodate the cremains of a small pet or special memento you cherish.  Dimensions 5L x 4W x 3H (10ci)



Leaf Keepsake


This lacquered cherry wood urn with painted leaf decoration may remind you of days frolicking in the leaves with your precious companion.  Created with a removable top lid that provides easy access to the contents inside, this wooden treasure can make a lovely urn, keepsake or hold a memento you cherish.  Dimensions 5L x 3W x 2 (5ci).


Swirling Flowers

Intricate design handcrafted of carved sheesham wood accented with pure white resin, this box urn is a beautiful way to honor your pet. Made exclusively for Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, this urn was directly obtained from a remarkably skilled craftsman in India. The hinged lid opens to reveal a suede-like cloth bottom embellished with colorful piping. Available in two sizes (shown in medium), this urn can provide a lovely resting place for most any size your pet may be.

Dimensions on available sizes  ( L x W x H)

Medium  6 x 4 x 2.5 (45ci)

Large      8 x 5 x 3.5 (85ci)



Stately Crown

Dignified with an old world flair, the medallion wood urn is available in mahogany (shown) and Maple Woods.

Sizes from small to extra large will accommodate your pet whether you have a cat or a Great Dane. A metal plate can be added to personalize this traditional presentation.

Renaissance Box

This painted art piece exudes a renaissance feel, possibly reminding you of fun times with your pet at your favorite festival or picnic.

Dimensions 2H x 6 ¼ L x 6 ¼ W (25 ci)

Wooden Heart Keepsake Urns

wooden heart keepsake urnsWhen a pet has touched our heart, how fitting to find a lovely hand-made wooden heart to hold your precious one’s remains. Available in a variety of different shades of wood, the top of this urn swivels to access the space inside.. Dimensions 4L x 4.5W x 2.5H (3ci)




Bamboo Box Urns are a popular alternative to the hard woods used in construction and product design. Warm tone finishes and clean lines reflect the ecologically efficient nature of bamboo which is the fastest-growing plant on Earth.

The Bamboo Box Urn is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes and can accommodate any size pet.


Wooden Wave

Wooden Wave Companion Urns feature organic, natural functionality in three- and two-drawer urns to accommodate more than one pet or keepsakes. Master handcrafted and finished, Wave urns feature felt-lined drawers and a rich blend of selected offsetting dark and light woods..

Dimensions on available sizes for horizontal wooden waves (L x W x H)

Dimensions on available sizes for vertical wooden waves (H x L x W)


Wooden Oval Urns

oval wooden urns

Do you have several pets of various sizes that you would like to keep near each other yet in separate urns? These lovely hand-made ovals of Cedar Cherry Wood can be used as a stacking tower or could be purchased individually.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)

Small       4.5  x 3 x 1.5      (20ci)

Medium       7 x 5 x 3         (30ci)

Large          8.5 x 6 x 3      (70ci)



Simple Octagonal

urn147 Crafted by hand and made of high quality oak, this octagonal shaped urn is not only beautiful, it is extremely durable. Customizable, this urn can be engraved on any part of its body creating a lovely tribute to your beloved companion.

Dimensions on available sizes  ( L x W x H)

Petite  3 x 2.5 x 2.25  (5ci)

Small   6 x 4 x 3        (30 ci)

Med    7.5 x 5 x 4      (85ci)

Large    9 x 6 x 5       (180ci)

Vertical Octagon

Does the number “eight” have a special significance in your relationship with your pet? Maybe the anniversary of the day you adopted your beloved companion? If so, then this octagonal shaped urn can serve as a permanent reminder and your pet will have a noteworthy resting place for a life forever cherished.

Dimensions 5 ½ H x 5 D (50ci)


Glossy Wooden Column

This simplistic yet pretty urn has a glossy, almost reflective finish. Cremains enter through the bottom and are secured with four threaded closures.

Dimensions 7H x 6 L x 6W (50ci)


Sturdy Oak Column

This oak grained tower would make a perfect resting place for a family of pets or a single pet weighing up to 125 pounds. Its clean lines can be embellished with personalized plates, insignia or statues.  Dimensions 10H x 6 ½L x 6 ½ W (50ci)


Wooden Photo Boxes

WoodPhotoBoxesPhoto Box urns for your pet are another choice combining a permanent resting place with a pictorial remembrance. The ability to display either a vertical or horizontal photo in this easily interchangeable photo frame makes this a unique resting place for your precious companion. Available in a black satin finish, burgundy finish or a faux wood-grain finish, this urn can also be engraved.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)

Small           5 x 3.5 x 3.5    (25ci)

Medium       6 x 4 x 4.5      (40ci)

Large           6.5 x 5 x 5      (85ci)

X- Large     9 x 6 x 6.25     (200ci)

Deep View Frame/Curves In


This picture frame urn can be used as a shadow box to protect your pet’s cremains or can show a picture of your pet with the cremains stored safely behind the picture. This frame is available in maple, oak, cherry, walnut or mahogany.

Dimensions on available sizes

Small   4 x 6

Med     5 x 7

Large   8 x 10

Tri Side Cube

Cube-2Can’t decide which picture to place on your pet’s urn? This commemorative photo cube allows you to easily display three of your favorite photos of your beloved pet, three different remembrances of days past. All photos can be changed without opening the secure urn compartment. Made of an MDF engineered wood, this urn is available in silver (shown), navy or violet and can be personalized on the center frame, creating a special resting place for your sweet companion.

Dimensions on available sizes

Small      4.2 x 4.2 x4.2 (25ci)

Medium  5 x 5 x 5 (45ci)

Large      5.75 x 5.75 x 5.75 (85ci).

Shallow View Frame/Curves Out

urn181This 8” x 10” picture frame is available in honey, oak or cherry. Cremains are stored behind the picture.  Can accommodate the cremains of small to large pets..

Figurine with Urn

urn183If you have a standard breed cat, dog, or bunny, this urn provides a figurine that can be attached to the top of the urn.  Available in maple, oak or walnut with the option to attach an engraveable plate, you will have a customizable resting place for your one-and-only beloved pet.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)

Small      7.75 x 6 x 2.75   (55ci)

Med        7.75 x 6 x 3.75   (85ci)

Large      7.75  x 6 x 4.75  (115ci)

X-Large  7.75 x 5.75 x 6  (145ci)

Bronze Beauties

This stunning urn series proudly displays a breed specific resin figurine atop a beautifully crafted walnut veneer urn base. The pet figurine is manufactured in Italy and is permanently attached to the base using pins and glue adhesive. The cremains are installed through the removable bottom panel secured to the urn using fasteners. The base of the urn is available in four sizes, small to large, thus accommodating any size pet. Most popular dog and cat breeds are available.

Dimensions on available sizes (L x W x H)

Small      7.75 x 6 x 2.75   (55ci)

Med        7.75 x 6 x 3.75   (85ci)

Large      7.75  x 6 x 4.75  (115ci)

X-Large  7.75 x 5.75 x 6  (145ci)


Intarsia-Inspired Urns

Elegantly handcrafted from fine hardwoods, these unique urns include a compartment nestled inside to cleverly contain cremains, fur clippings, or other cherished keepsakes. Available in dog, cat, and several garden inspired designs.

Dimensions on available designs vary—best seen to be appreciated.




PyramidThis gorgeous birch wood, cherry finish urn is simple yet sophisticated. The secure bottom open urn with a threaded wood stopper will ensure your beloved may rest peacefully in his/her prestigious pyramid.  Dimensions 8 x 8.5 (85ci)


Dog Cottage

DogCottageHonor your dog with this solid wood dog house-shaped urn that creates an attractive in-home memorial for your beloved pet. You can easily interchange photos in the 2 ½ x 3 ½ frame, customizing this special urn for your precious pet. Bottom closure secured with four fasteners.

Dimensions 7H x 9L x 6.5 W (120ci)

Dog House

Crafted of medium density fiberboard and featuring a velvety tan interior, this charming doghouse makes a loving tribute to your pet. A place for your dog’s photo and a removable tray insert that allows you to place a memento you cherish are integral features. Available in tan or brown, the roof of the house is a lid that can be lifted to easily insert cremains.

Dimensions 6.75H x 8.5L x 9W (90ci)


Dog Residence

dog house urnMade of beautiful Birch Wood with a cherry stain, this dog house urn can be a perfect resting place for your beloved companion. With an easy-to-access 3.25” X 3.25” magnetic photo frame, you can change your favorite photos of your pet as often as you like. Measuring 7.5” X 5.75” X 6.5,” this urn can accommodate a pet weighing up to 100 pounds. It closes on the bottom securely with four fasteners.

Dimensions 7.5H x 5.75 L x 6.5W (60ci)

.Lidded Treasure

This larger rectangular frame urn provides a lid that easily lifts off for access to cremains and other mementos. Shown is Suede, this urn is also available in Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Cobalt Blue, and Matte Black. Dimensions 8L x 6W x 3 ½ H with photo dimension 4 x 6  (88ci)

Hanover Bell Tower w/ Photo

You can grace your mantle with this beautiful, limited edition urn. Most picture urns offer a horizontal orientation for the picture but this urn is unique in its ability to display a vertical photo of your pet.

Dimensions 8.25 H 6 L x 3W (35 ci)


Acacai Wood

Sourced from India, this urn displays a distinct and beautiful natural wood grain. Simple by itself, you can adorn this urn with a lovely cat or small dog statue from our bronze beauty collection to personalize this urn perfectly for your pet.

Dimensions 5 ½ L 3 ½ W x 3H (25ci)


Lacewood, commonly used in the making of musical instruments and fine furniture, makes this a unique and intricate urn as a special resting place for your exceptional pet.

Dimensions 4.5 H x 6.75 L x 5 W


Wood Tree Stump w/ Magnetic Closure

Perfect for the dog or cat who loved lounging near their favorite tree. This original wood creation with its secure magnetic top closure will make a lovely resting place for a small pet or as a keepsake for a larger pet.

Dimensions 4 H x 4.5 D (8 ci)


Natural Cedar

Often referred to as the wood of Lebanon, the variation in the wood grain paired with the soft smell cedar exudes, makes this urn unique and beautiful. Durable, the sliding bottom panel ensures a secure closure.

Dimensions 5 ½ L x 3 ¼ W x 3H (25 ci)

Glass Urns for Your Pet

Handmade Glass Box0713-GlassBox-1000pxMade by a local artist of clear and hammered glass, this elegant leaded glass box makes a lovely urn or keepsake box for mementos you hold dear.  Dimensions 6L x 4W x 2.5H (60 ci)


Youghiogheny Glass

handmade leaded glass boxes for cats, dogs and other petsMade by a local artist of handmade “Youghiogheny Glass,” this exquisite leaded glass box measures Dimensions 8L x 4W x 3.5H (60 ci)

handmade leaded glass boxes for cats, dogs and other pets


Baby Angel

Baby-angel-1000pxMade in Europe, this exquisite mouth blown 24% leaded crystal urn is a rich black. Truly breathtaking with its intricate embellishments and the way it reflects light, this urn is sure to captivate all who see it. This urn measures 5 ½” X 7 ½” and can accommodate a pet weighing up to 45 pounds.


Metal Urns for Your Pet

Traditional Metal Vase Urn with Decorative Band

0713-AluminumGingerFlowers-1000pxAvailable in three sizes accommodating a small pet to a 120-pound dog. Available in silver or gold tone finish, you may choose to place your pet’s collar around the neck of the urn..

Black and Gold Etched Flat/Dome Top

Perfect for your Pittsburgh Pet Family, the intricate detail is lovingly hand etched to create a spectacular pattern. This classic cremation urn is crafted of bronze and coated with lustrous black lacquer. Simple yet stunning, this urn is perfect for honoring your beloved companion or multiple pets together.

Dimensions on available sizes of Dome Top (H x L x W)

Dimensions on available sizes of Flat Top




Silver Embossed

The ornate design on this silver embossed urn is hand engraved from copper and brass, then silvered to create an elegant finish.

Dimensions 9 H x 4 D (45ci)


Classic Brass Vase Urn

Created of hand cast metal, this traditional yet simple urn may be the perfect resting place for your beloved companion. Colors available in Antique Bronze and Brushed Nickel and measuring 8.5 H x 5 D (86 cubic inches); Engraving upon request.

Heartfelt Moments

Artfully created by hand, this engravable urn offers circles of love on and around your pet. This eye catching urn displays brass hearts with pewter toned bands and the threaded lid provides a secure closure.

Dimensions on available sizes



Steel Vase

Clean lines and traditional shape, this affordable urn could make the perfect resting place for your pet. Colors available are Silver, Gold, or Antique Copper (shown

Dimensions on Available Sizes (H x L )

Small 6 x 4 (35 cubic inches)
Med 8 x 5 ½ (95 cubic inches)
Lg 10 x 7 (155 cubic inches)

Three Stripe Metal Urns

These metal cremation urns are timeless with a smooth surface and either pewter or brass finish. Large in stature, these urns could be used for multiple pets to be laid to rest together or for one large dog.

Dimensions 10 ½ H 10 ¼ D (195 ci)

The brass finish matching keepsake shown above would be perfect for sharing cremains with a loved one who lives afar.

Dimensions 2 ½ H x 1 ¾ D

Pewter Urns

American made and 100 % lead free, these urns are made with genuine hand spun pewter and offer a regal resting place for your special pet.

Bullet Urn

Created by hand with slight variations, this urn offers simple clean lines that add to its distinctive beauty.

Dimensions 7 ¼ H x 4 D (54 ci)

Trophy Urn

Whether your pet was a certified champion or just the champion of your heart, this trophy shaped urn may be just the statement you want to make about the life you shared.

Dimensions 12 ½ H x 7 ¼ D (195 ci)

Grecian Urn

These lovely urns have an exquisite brushed finish with a floral band encircling the urn. Available in three color options (brass, pewter, and chocolate brown).

Dimensions on available sizes

Brass or Pewter 8 ½ H x 5 ½ D (130 ci)

Chocolate Brown Enamel 7 H x 4 ½ D (70 ci)

Narrow Neck Vase Urns

Shapely and classic, with either a copper or pewter finish, these urns could masquerade as décor, and only you would know that they contain your beloved pet.

Dimensions 9H x 5 ¼ D (70 ci)

Evermore Patina

Handcrafted from brass with an aged copper finish, this lightweight alloy is comprised of 90% copper and 10% zinc. The patina color may remind you of your beautiful green eyed girl or boy.

Dimensions 5 ½ H x 4 D (45 ci)

Black and Gold

Perfect for the pet with Pittsburgh spirit, this black urn with gold bands will make a charming resting place for your special companion.

Dimensions 5 ½ H x 4D (35ci)

Black and Silver

Simple yet grand in stature, this powder coated slate black urn can accommodate a large pet or multiple bonded pets together.

Dimensions 10 ½ H x 5 ½ D (200 ci)


AKC with Photo

If you are a proud parent of your pet’s lineage, then this distinguished urn is a perfect choice for your dearest companion. Officially licensed by the AKC, this elegant urn is the color of burnished copper and bronze and is made of die-cast aluminum and plastic. Embossed features include AKC logo, paw print, and a photo window on top of the urn and this urn measures 9 H x 6 W x 8 L.

Etched Pug Vase Urn

Stunning gold-tone metal with a gloss black finish and an etched pug profile, perfect for lovers of pugs. Lid is threaded for secure placement of cremains.

The urn also is available in a goldtone finish with the etched profile of your beloved pug.


Etched Cat Vase Urn

Stunning gold-tone metal with a gloss black finish and an etched feline profile, perfect for lovers of black cats. Lid is threaded for secure placement of cremains.

The urn also is available in a goldtone finish with the etched profile of your beloved feline companion.


Blue Finish Brass Bunny Inset

Features four profiles of bunny behavior in brushed silver-tone inlays around the outside of the urn. Threaded lid with ample room for your bunny’s cremains.

Royal Purple or Rich Ruby Aluminum with Pawprints

0713-AluminumPawprints-1000pxThis elegant shape comes in two sizes with a threaded lid to securely hold your pet’s cremains. These urns for your pet can be engraved with your pet’s name and any sentiments you want to remember..

Gloss Black with Gold Pawprints

0713-BlackGoldPaws-1000pxThis metal urn is a gloss black finish with gold-tone paws etched around the outside and in the lid. Lid is threaded to securely fasten your pet’s cremains in the urn.


Paws to Heaven


These urns for your pet suggest a sweet final journey as a row of paws leads upward.  There is also a single paw etched into the threaded lid. This slate colored urn comes in three sizes to accommodate small, medium and large pets.0713-PewterPawprints-top-1000px.

Majestic PawsWith engraved paw prints reaching to the sky, this stunning bronze with brushed pewter urn evokes memories of long walks in golden fields with your best friend. This urn measures approximately 6 ½” X 5”with a secure top threaded lid and can accommodate a pet weighing up to 70 pounds. Choosing this urn immortalizes the imprint your pet has had on your life.


Blue BeautyThis remarkable blue urn with brass paws around is sure to melt the hearts of all who see it.  With its stunning shimmer, this urn is perfect for the dog who loved to frolic at the beach or the cat who loved to lay under the beautiful blue skies.  This urn measures approximately 7” X 5” and can accommodate a pet weighing up to 70 pounds.  This urn has a secure threaded lid and felt-lined base and is sure to make a peaceful resting place for your precious companion..

Gloss Black Finish Urn

0713-BlackPawHeart-1000pxThis urn lends itself to personalization that will uniquely represent your pet.  Seen here is a solid paw print inside your heart, one of hundreds of variations that you can choose to make this the perfect resting place for your pet.



Brass-birdsThis beautiful urn with seagulls flying high above the clouds will remind you of days spent frolicking on the sandy beach with your beloved pet.

This gorgeous crafted brass urn has a threaded lid for secure closure. It is available in 3 sizes accommodating pets from a beloved canary up to your wonderful Great Dane. A petite keepsake is also available which can hold a small portion of your pet’s cremains, perfect if several family members would like to keep a portion of their beloved family pet.

Sure to bring you peace every time you look at it, SkyWard is a lovely resting place for your precious companion.


Silver and Brass

Urn-CarvedBrassSilver coated brass is etched to derive this eye-catching urn. Fancy without being overly feminine, this urn commands a second look as it easily marries the two metal tones to reflect room light and recall the inner spirit of your departed pet.


The Pawprint Series

urn160This elegant pawprint series of urns for your pet offers both low and high profile vessels that can accommodate your beloved pet’s cremains. Made from brass with a secure threaded lid, this series is available in antiqued copper, silver/gold tone, brown and dusted slate finishes, allowing you to choose the urn that best represents your precious pet.



urn166A wide range of aluminum urns are available that are both handsome and economical.

Urns are finished in black, hazed silver, brass, or unique finishes like the blue speckle.


Jewel Tone Urns

Ginger-tall-twocolorsBeautiful and classically designed, these urns for your pet are available in beautiful blue or rich magenta and has a hand-tooled antiqued pewter band. The threaded lid allows secure closure. The felt-lined base is gentle on your furniture. Measuring 6 ½” high, this vibrant urn can accommodate cremains for pets weighing up to 35 pounds.


Pittsburgh Proud

Pittsburgh-proud-1000pxThis is the perfect urn for the fan of the “black and gold”. Did you play football with your precious pup? If so, then this metal urn may be the perfect resting place for your teammate.

Available in 8 ½” and 10 ½ ” heights, this urn can accommodate any size pet. There is also a 3” keepsake that can hold a small portion of your pet’s cremains that can be given to a family member who no longer lives at home but is still “Pittsburgh Proud”..

Grecian Urn Style

Urn-GrecianUrnThe Grecian style urn has brass cats inlaid into the surface of the urn.

Urn colors are sage, henna , dusky gray shale (shown) and country blue (not shown).


Cast Alloy

Available in blue and black, these colors may suggest your pet’s eye color, favorite blanket or fur color.

This compact urn is crafted of cast alloy with a threaded lid for a secure closure. Available in three sizes, this elegant urn can accommodate from a small cat or dog to a pet weighing up to 60 pounds.


Enameled Brass with Paws

This gorgeous brass urn enameled in crimson, white or blue with silver or gold paw prints around has an elegant appearance. It would be perfect for the pet who loved to frolic with its family. Available in 3 sizes, this urn can accommodate your beloved companion up to 60 pounds. A precious heart keepsake in white, crimson or blue (below) is also available if you choose to keep only a small portion of your pet’s cremains.

Pink Paws

This lovely pot style urn is made of brass with pink and silvertone enamel finish and pawprint accents. Threaded lid for a secure closure.

Dimension on available sizes

Keepsake 2 ½ H x 3 ½ W (10 cubic inches)
Petite 3 ½ H x 4 ½ W (25 cubic inches)
Small 4” H x 5” W (40 cubic inches)
Med 4 ½ H x 6” W (70 cubic inches)

Black and Gold Enamel Vases

This pair of decorative urns makes a lovely resting place for two large pets or multiple pets together. Discrete yet striking, the etched puzzle piece design may represent mending the pieces of your heart.

Dimensions 13” H x 6” Dia

Time Capsules

These simple yet elegant vessels are available in Green and Red with a peaked top or Blue with a rounded top. This urn can accommodate a pet weighing up to 15 pounds or a small portion of a larger pet.

Dimensions of available sizes

Red & Green 4 ½ ‘H x 3”W (15 cubic inches)
Blue 3 ½ H x 3” W (15 cubic inches)


Bronze Rest

These manufactured cast bronze urns make a substantial enclosure for your pet. Heavy and substantial, they are available in either a dog house or a bed basket.

For dimensions on available sizes:

Dog House 4 ½ H x 5”L x 3”W

Bed Basket 2 ½ H x 4 ¾ L x 3 ¼ W



Cloisonné Kitties

Urn-Cat-CloisonneCloisonné is a sophisticated artform that beautifully unites copper and enamel in a mosaic pattern. The manufacturer crafted this urn to honor the life you shared with your cat. The rich tan, cream and brown tones may remind you of your special tabby hiding amongst autumn leaves. Also available in slate blue-gray (not pictured).


Clouds and Curls

This stunning urn, designed with warm brown hues and curls, is likely to evoke memories of your pet’s fur as you snuggled together. Unique and ornate, this threaded lid pot style urn measuring 5 x 5, will surely capture the eye of all who see it.

Other Cloisonné Choices


Other lovely cloisonné urn choices that are available to accommodate slightly larger pets.

Available colors include hunter green, autumn brown, azure blue, pink, purple, and spring green.


Mother of Pearl

Urn-MotherOfPearlThe beauty of a classic brass urn embellished with four rows of small tiles of mother of pearl. The iridescence of the pearl catches light and warms the brass. Hand inlayed, each urn has the distinction of being unique in its own way, just like your beloved pet.


Baby Soft



Enamel over nickel, available in soft pink, baby blue, or angel white, these beautiful urns for your pet are available in 3 sizes with a threaded lid for secure closure. Depending on the size of your “Baby”, the heights of the urn are 5 ½”, 7 ½”, and 10 ½” with the corresponding weight capacity being 45 pounds, 70 pounds, and 180 pounds respectively.

Also available is a lovely 2” heart keepsake which opens on the bottom and is able to hold a small portion of your pet’s cremains.



Memory Votive

Lighting a candle has always had a place in the things we do to remember a loved one who has passed. This small urn, available in bronze (gold tone), pewter (silver tone), and slate (dark grey), can hold the cremains of an entire small pet or it can hold a tiny portion of your larger pet’s cremains. Included is a flameless tea light candle that will surely make your heart smile every time you light it in memory of your precious companion.


Votive Urn

This Blue Metallic Keepsake Memory Tealight Candle is hand-crafted in a classic design with a beautiful blue hammered finish. Made of aluminum, this lovely keepsake measures 5.6″ x 3.4″ x 3.4″ and can accommodate a pet weighing up to a 20 pounds.  An easy to use fastener at the bottom makes this a timeless vessel for your special companion.


Small Heart Keepsakes

Hearts-pawprintsAvailable in two designs, these lovely heart keepsakes measure approximately 3”X 2 ½”. They are meant to accommodate a small portion of your beloved companion. Ideal for family members who each want to cherish a portion of their precious pet or by an individual who desires to keep only a small amount of cremains.


  • The first design, available in brass, pewter, slate, or iridescent copper, features one embossed paw print in the upper left portion of the heart. This keepsake can be engraved with your pet’s name to make this a one-of-a-kind keepsake.
  • The second keepsake design prominently displays two cascading paw prints in either brass or iridescent copper, or a single larger paw print in the slate color design. This keepsake embodies the sentiment, “Pets leave pawprints on your heart.”
  • Also available in the lovely distressed olive green color shown, this keepsake is sure to capture the “heart” of all who see it.


Heart Urn

Hearts-threecolorsThis gorgeous heart urn, crafted of brass, is available in ruby red, cobalt blue, and black. Measuring 2 ½” X 4 ½” X 4 ½”, it can accommodate a cat or small dog up to 15 pounds. Imaging this urn personalized with your pet’s name is sure to melt your heart.


Calla Lily Keepsake

Calla-lily-keepsake-1000pxThis beautiful creamy white brass keepsake with golden calla lily is sure to melt the heart of all who see it.  Measuring 3” X 3” X 2”, this stunning little beauty makes an eye catching impression while allowing you to cherish a small portion of your pets cremains.


Cloisonne Butterfly Heart

This beautiful brown heart cloisonne keepsake features delicate golden butterflies fluttering through a field of flowers. Cloisonné is a sophisticated, handcrafted art form involving intricate patterns of copper with the careful application of enamel color. Intended to hold a small portion of your beloved pet’s cremains, this special heart keepsake is one you will always be able to hold close to your heart.


Butterfly in the Sky

This majestic keepsake measures approximately 3” X 2 ½” and is meant to accommodate a small portion of your beloved companion.  Ideal for each family member wanting to cherish a small portion of your precious pet or it could be kept by an individual who desires to only safe-keep a small amount of cremains.


Angel Dog

Created of either metal or resin with an antique bronze finish, this urn shows a sleeping dog that has earned its wings. Around the neck is a heart shaped ID tag platform where an engraved plate can be affixed with your dog’s name..

Angel Cat in Metal or White

CatMetalUrnsCreated of either metal or resin and available with an antique bronze finish or in white. The white can be both custom painted by the designer or personally painted by you to add a personal touch for your beloved pet.  This urn shows a sleeping kitty that has earned its wings. Around the neck is a heart shaped ID tag platform where an engraved plate can be affixed with your cat’s name.


Ball of Yarn Kitty

A sleeping kitty hugging a ball of yarn is a reminder of one of our cats’ favorite pastimes. Made of aluminum, this urn is available in gold, copper (shown) or silver finishes and can be mounted on a base suited for name plate accommodation.

Steel vase is available in powder coatings in gold, silver or copper antique and in sizes small, medium, and large to accommodate any size of pet..

Beloved Bunny

BelovedBunnyThis adorable rabbit urn is sure to melt the hearts of all who see it.  Measuring 4.75″ high, this felt lined base urn can accommodate a furry friend up to 10 pounds. Available in Silver, Bronze, and Copper with a secure threaded lid closure on the bottom, this urn makes a peaceful resting place for your beloved bunny.

Snoozin’ Angel

This urn has a likeness that recalls peaceful companionship, you relaxing with your dog. The provided jump-ring on the dog’s collar accepts your dog’s actual nametag.

Dimensions 10 ½ L x 9 W x 4 H (110 ci)

Angel Yorkie

Perched atop a comfy cushion, your yorkie now has the wings you always knew were there. It offers an engravable heart shaped name tag for you to personalize this urn for your special angel.

Dimension 7” L x 6 “ W x 5” H (25 ci).

Bronze Cat Statues

Urn-MetalCatsElegant cat urns for your pet characterize simplicity and sleek style. Made of metal with incised facial features, three ultra-smooth finishes are available: antique bronze (shown), calico and green patina (shown).

Pouncing Cat

This pouncing kitty urn is filled with personality showing the desire of a cat to pounce on anything or anybody that comes across its path. Available in either black or white, this urn will share your beloved cat’s personality with all who see it. Cremains are placed in the urn through a bottom opening that securely closes with a threaded plate.

Resin Cat Urns


These elegant cat figurines come in four different colors: cream, black, bronze and copper, and amply hold the cremains of a cat up to 10 lbs. There are two poses: sitting, pictured on right; and regal resting, on left. They open on the bottom with a threaded stopper.


Basset and Yorkie Statue Urns

These adorable, life-like dog urns are sure to make you smile as you are reminded of your most beloved companion. Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use and made of quality resin, these attractive urns come with a threaded bottom fastener to keep your pet secure.

Dimensions of available sizes

Bassett 7” H x 6” L x 4” W
Yorkie 7 “ H x 7” L x 4 ½ W


My Valentine

BIG in size and sweet in sentiment, the urn says it all…”Forever In My Heart.”  Simply stated, every time you gaze at this urn you will be reminded of the loving bond you shared with your pet that you will carry with you “Forever.”

Measuring approximately 8” X 3 ½ “ X 8,” this plastic urn has a top open lid that will securely hold a beloved companion weighing up to 90 pounds..


Bronze Memorial Urn

0713-BronzeUrn-1000pxThis urn is large enough to hold the cremains of a very large dog, even up to 200 pounds. The front panel is engraved with four pawprints and can be personalized with your dog’s name and if desired, your sentiments.


Roman Paws

Did your pet have a “Little Caesar” attitude?  Available in Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Black, this regal Roman Paws urn measures 4” X 5” X 5” and can accommodate a pet weighing up to 35 pounds.  Manufactured in the United States, this high quality hand cast metal urn has a secure bottom plate fastener and can be the perfect resting place for your “king.”

Tear Drop Urn

This beautiful and elegant tear drop urn will memorialize your companion in a unique and stunning symbol of love and heartfelt loss. Shown here in a bronze tone finish, this remarkable urn is also available in brushed brass, bright silver, and brushed pewter, and measures approximately 10″ high with a secure bottom closure. This emotion- felt urn creates a perfect resting place for your precious pet.


Bronze Sculpture with Bronze or Wooden Base


An outstanding collection of sculptured urns for your pet that express the emotions of a special relationship and say, “We will always remember.”

Crafted from bonded marble and wood resins and finished in a bronze patina, these works of art were specifically designed for pets to depict the everyday moments of love between pets and their humans.

Sculptures can be used as a keepsake without a base or are also available with bronze or wood base, which hold your pet’s cremains and are available in various sizes.




Urn-EagleEvoking a watchfulness that may characterize your pet, this majestic eagle urn can be used as either a stand alone urn or as a graceful addition to a plain wooden urn. Made of brass in a silvertone finish, it stands approximately 6 ½” tall and would accommodate the cremains of a pet weighing 25 pounds or less. Combined with a wood urn as a base, it could be used for any sized pet.


St. Francis Statue Urn

Urn-StFrancisLong associated with a love of animals, this statue urn represents the saint in antiqued brass tones. It stands over 13 inches high and used alone, would hold  cremains from a pet weighing up to 25 pounds. Used in conjunction with a metal or wooden base, it would handsomely house any size pet.

Tub of Love

Tub of LoveThis adorable figurine displays the innocence and beauty of the love between a young boy and his dog. Measuring 3” X 4” X 4” and weighing only 11 ounces, this figurine can easily be attached to the top of an urn or displayed on a mantle to remind you of bath time fun with your pet.


Resting Cherub

This special angel is filled with love and blessings. Approximately 2 ¼” tall, this adorable figurine brings an added touch of Heaven to any horizontal urn surface. Sure to melt your heart and bring a smile to your face, this resting Cherub will make the perfect addition to your beloveds resting place..

Metal Photo Boxes


Hand cast in the USA, this sleek metal photo box has a convenient side slot that allows you to proudly feature your pet’s 4” X 6” photo. Available in glossy black (shown), silver nickel (shown), or beautiful brass (not shown), this bottom open urn can hold cremains for one pet weighing up to 80 pounds or two pets that are the equivalent weight.

Music Boxes

This lovely silver music box can be adorned with your favorite photo of your pet while you listen to the beautiful melody, “What a Wonderful World,” and reminisce of cherished times shared together. This music box can accommodate a pet up to 15 pounds.

Dimensions: 8” L x 6” W x 2 ¾ H

You may be singing, “Oh my love ……” (“Unchained Melody”) as you hear this sweet music box play. The brown, braided border will perfectly frame your pet’s photo. When you open the hinged photo lid, the inside has a small space to hold your pet’s cremains.

Dimensions 7 ¾ L x 5 ¾ W x 2 ¼ H (20 ci)



Jardinia Keepsakes

Not meant to be an urn but more something that captures the essence of your pet’s personality, these keepsakes will hold a tiny amount of cremains. Set one on your desk or nightstand and see if you don’t soon smile through your tears at the memory they evoke. Recently added to the urns carried by CCPC, these are whimsical keepsakes that are made in limited editions and can carry not only a small amount of your pet’s cremains or fur but also are valued for their collectability. Each keepsake is made of crushed marble mixed using an age old formula originated in England. The keepsakes are carved with bas-relief designs and incorporate realistic as well as fanciful characteristics of our animal companions.

Tabby Tenement, Charm School, Wicker and Whiskers

Urn-CatFigurinesInsideNot meant to be an urn but more something that captures the essence of your cat’s personality, these keepsakes will hold a tiny amount of cremains.



Cats Galore

Did your cat do silly things?  Cats Galore may suit your relationship with its playful interior inscription — “C’est quand le chat est repu qu’il dit que le derriere de la souris pue”, which when translated means, “When the cat is not hungry he says that the rear end of a mouse stinks.” Approximate height of 4 inches, this lidded cachepot, created in the English Cotswolds by Monique Baldwin, will remind you of cheerful memories you shared with your precious feline.


Forever and Ever

Urn-CotswoldCatsA little larger lidded cat themed cachepot, created in the English Cotswolds by Ann Richmond. Several black cats and their friends are keeping watch in the heavens. Whether they are playing with a ball of yarn or lapping up a dish of milk, these tabbies all appear to be enjoying their time in the sunshine. Easily accommodates your cat’s cremains. Approximate height 4-1/2 inches.


A lidded cat themed cachepot, created in the English Cotswolds by Ann Richmond. Orange Tabbies, Tuxedos, Maine Coons, grey Persians, and seal point Siamese are among the bas-relief cats prominently featured on the lid and around the entire urn. The stretching and napping cats will snugly hold your beloved feline’s cremains.


Good Day Sunshine

Urn-GoodDayDogsEvokes a dog’s perfect day of play. The urn features a bas-relief Great Dane, Chow, German Shepherd,  Boxer, Pug,  Retriever, Doberman, Dalmation, Golden Retriever and an ever-loving mutt frolicking in the clouds. Created in the English Cotswolds by Ann Richmond, it is approximately 5 3/4 inches high and will accommodate cremains for a dog up to about 55 pounds.


Cirque du Furet and Mangrove’s Eden

For people who love exceptional pets, we offer urns for ferrets, birds and lizards (the lizard urn is currently unavailable)

Cirque du Furet features over a dozen playful ferrets doing what they do best – performing! Carved in the USA by Angie Caradonna and produced overseas. Angie will donate a portion of her artist royalty to Support Our Shelter (S.O.S.), a non-profit charity that provides monetary assistance to ferret shelters throughout the U.S.

Mangrove’s Eden, created in the USA by Angie Caradonna, depicts domestic and tropical birds from nearly every continent on the planet. Angie chose the name for her Jardinia because the Mangrove tree is a natural habitat and nesting place for many of the featured birds. Produced overseas. Approximate height 4 inches.


Rainbow Bridge III

This lovely urn is a lidded cat themed cachepot, created by American sculptor Angie Caradonna.  Approximate 4.5 inches high, the joyful kitties prancing upon this urn may remind you of cherished playtime memories you shared with your feline companion.

Aquatic Treasures

This sculptural relief cachepot features a medley of ocean dwelling fauna. A truly unique and beautiful urn for your magnificent marine pet. Dimensions 4 ½ x 4 D (15 ci)

Playful Feline Vase

Playful yet functional, this elegant vase is hand painted and made from crushed marble. The comforting scene is of cats content upon their favorite perch. Filled with flowers, the vase would make a beautiful bereavement gift – a beautiful way to express your condolences.

Dimensions 4 ½ x 3 ¾ (Not an Urn)

Rainbow Bridge Dog I and II

Does the image of your pet crossing the rainbow bridge resonate with you?  If so, this lidded dog themed cachepot created by American sculptor Angie Caradonna may be a perfect choice. Angie based her sculpture on the classic bereavement poem of the same name. She plans to donate a portion of her royalty from “Rainbow Bridge” to the Canton Ohio Area Humane Society.

Rainbow Bridge Dog

This cachepot has adorable paws engraved in the base of the urn that perfectly compliment the décor designed on the lid that displays a canine’s favorite stick and tennis ball…reminding you of fun fetch games you played together.  Measuring approximately 5.5” X 3.5” and accommodating a pet weighing up to 20 pounds, this urn perfectly captures your precious pet’s playful nature.

Rainbow Bridge Dog II

This playful Rainbow Bridge Dog II urn makes a lovely resting spot for your fun loving companion.  Perfect for the dog who loved nature, this urn will remind you of cherished memories you shared with your pet frolicking in the fields or wadding in the water. Measuring approximately 6.5” X 4” this beautiful cachepot can accommodate a dog weighing up to 60 pounds.

Ice Capades

Did you love watching the Pittsburgh Penguins play while snuggling with your best friend? Or maybe penguins have a special significance to you that you want to memorialize? If penguins speak to you, these guys are sharing a lovely conversation. Dimensions 3 ¾ H x3 D (35 ci)


Ceramic Urns for Your Pet

Cast and Hand Thrown Reactive Glaze Urns for Your Pet

Urn-CeramicReactiveGlazeCeramic urns offer families stunning artistic options to honor their pet.

Tri-footed based urns (middle and front) are available in two reactive glaze finishes: blue tones and green/orange.

Hand thrown ceramic urns (back) come in various color high-luster metallic glazes. Enhanced color design during firing makes each piece a one-of-a-kind tribute..

Tall Pillar Ceramic Urns urns Your Pet

These outstanding urns feature an iridescent high luster finish of cascading blue, black and gold tones. Each urn is handmade, hand-finished and unique.

The same color tones are available in smaller shapes with button inset lids.

Smooth and Simple

This beautifully handcrafted urn aesthetically blends well with any décor. Available in high gloss ebony (black) or ivory (white) finish, this urn has a bottom fastener.

Dimensions of available sizes

Petite 5” H x 3 ½W (20 cubic inches)
Small 6” H x 4 ½ W (40 cubic inches)
Med 7 ½ H x 5 ½ W (120 cubic inches)
Large 8 ½ H x 6 ½ W (170 cubic inches)

Traditional Shape Ceramic


Traditional shape ceramic urns for your pet with embossed leaf pattern in ivory and midnight black.

These urns are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size pet.

Ceramic Acorn

This adorable yet elegant acorn is perfect for the pet who loved to frolic under trees or chase their squirrel friends. The auburn lid compliments the navy glazed vessel perfectly.

Dimensions 6 H x 4 ¾ D (25 ci)


Polish Pottery Trinket

This elegant, hand-painted hexagon trinket box makes a great keepsake for a portion of your pet’s cremains or a small memento you hold dear.

Dimensions 2.5 H x 3. 5 D (2 ci)


Diamond Girl

This stunning ceramic urn is adorned with a heart of genuine glittering Swarovski crystals. Available in pink, white, and grey, the lid delicately sits atop this urn that is sure to stun all who see it.

Dimension of available sizes

Small 4 ½ H x 3 ½ W (30 cubic inches)
Large 8” H x 5 ¾ W (170 cubic inches)

Sitting or Crouching Kitties

Urn-WhiteKittiesSitting or crouching kitties remain watchful companions.

Shown in white, these cat urns are available in black or white.

Sleek Ceramic

urn113Smooth and sleek ceramic cats come in several poses and two colors, winter white and midnight black.This series comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate many different ways to memorialize your cat.  The large urns hold your entire cat while the medium and small sizes can be used to share the cremains among family members or can act as a keepsake when just a small amount of cremains are desired to be kept.

Princess Cat

This beautiful pearlescent cat is graced with a stunning Swarovski crystal collar. Boasting a satisfied stance and a hint of eye lashes, this loveable urn is perfect for your one and only princess or prince. Available in three color choices;

White pearl cat with a pink crystal collar embellishment
Bronze cat with a gold collar embellishment
Midnight black cat with a blue collar embellishment.

Dimensions: 8 ½ H and 40 cubic inches

Four Ceramic Rabbit Figurines

This beautiful and unique selection of ceramic rabbit figurine urns for your pet can make the perfect resting place for your precious bunny.

** White Porcelain

Measuring approximately 10” X 10,” this substantial ceramic bunny figurine urn is a show stopper.  Perfect for the albino or Angora rabbit whose essence captures this angelic-like aura, this urn will surely bring a smile to all who see it.

**Small Ceramic with Butterflies

Measuring approximately 5 ½” X 4,” this adorable and lovely hand painted ceramic urn perfectly captures a rabbit’s playful yet delicate nature. Designed with beautiful butterflies playfully surrounding their bunny friend, this urn is sure to remind you of cheerful and sweet memories you shared with your special companion.

**Floral Ceramic Bunny

This stunning floral Fitz and Floyd Classic Rabbit Urn, measuring approximately 6 ½” X 4 ½ with a top open lid can make the perfect resting place for your “one-and-only.”  The intricate details surrounding this rabbit are remarkable, from the beautiful blossoms to the rich red flower buds.  This urn will surely bring a smile to your face and a hug to your heart every time you see it.

** White Ceramic Bunny with Open Top Lid

This majestic snow white urn will make a lovely resting place for your sweet bunny.  Possibly reminding you of your beloved’s soft white fur or playtime when snowflakes fall, this urn has endless possibilities for the memories it exudes. Measuring approximately 7” X 6” with a top open lid, this urn makes a peaceful resting place for your beloved companion.


White Porcelain Heart


Hand made in Poland, this snow white porcelain urn is adorned by a golden heart and is sure to melt yours. Its elegance allows you to rest your pet’s cremains discreetly while personifying love and warmth. Measuring 6” X 6 ½” X 4 ½,” this beautiful bottom opening urn can comfortably hold a pet weighing up to 45 pounds.


Lily Urn

This stunning, hand painted soft white Lily urn has a springtime appeal and perfectly commemorates a pet with this name. The Lily measures 10” high and 6 ½” wide. This urn is able to accommodate up to one 55 pound beloved companion or two smaller pets who can forever celebrate the beauty of life together in this open lid urn.

Ceramic Dog Paw Prints


Available in two designs, these darling ceramic urns with inlay paw prints can accommodate up to an 80 pound companion. The paw prints displayed on the top will surely remind you of happy times you had playfully frolicking with your beloved dog.

  • Bottom open urn measures 6” X 4 ¾” X 4 ¼” and closes with a metal plate that is securely kept in place with four metal fasteners. The integral frame allows you to add a 2 ¾” X 2” photo or message in an easily accessible side slot.
  • Top open urn measures 5 ¼” X 5 ½” X 5 ¾” with a lid that simply sits atop the urn allowing you easy access to your pet’s cremains. The 2” X 2 ½” frame easily accommodates your pet’s photo.


Oval Angel Keepsakes

This elegant and petite box can be used as an urn to accommodate a small pet up to 10 pounds or as a keepsake to cherish your beloved one’s memories. Measuring approximately 5” X 3” X 2”, this beautiful box can be used to hold cremains, a sample of your pet’s fur, a favorite toy, or other precious mementos that you hold dear. This easy top open keepsake fills your heart and hand with cherished thoughts and loving memories.

Angel Oval Keepsake

This keepsake box has an intricate angel holding flowers on the lid complimented with a peaceful dove inside. Perfect for a small pet, a portion of cremains, a favorite toy, or to place beside a favorite picture of your precious pet.

Dimensions 4L x 3 W x 2H (7 ½ ci)


Prayerful Angel

This stunning angelic urn exudes calmness and strength through her magnificence and beauty. Individually hand crafted, this majestic bottom open urn is available in four sizes, 10”, 12”, 18” and 24” tall and can accommodate cremains for all sizes of pets or can be used as a resting place for several pets. The 18” Angel has room for a small name plate to be added, a perfect personalized touch for your precious loved one.

Willow Tree Favorites

These soulful depictions beautifully display the devotion you share for, and with, your precious companion. Available in 4 options, these artistic treasures boast gorgeous carved etching, and perhaps is the perfect symbol of love you want to hold dear to your heart of your beloved pet.

Dimensions of the urns in the order they appear in the photo (H x L x W)

“From The Heart” Keepsake 3 x 3 x 2 (3 cubic inches)
“Comfort” Urn 4 ¾ x 4 ¾ x 2 (8 cubic inches)
“Heart of Gold” Urn 4 ¾ x 4 ¾ x 2 (8 cubic inches)
“Truly a Friend” Embellishment 3 ¾ x 4 x 1 (N/A)

Handmade Urns for Your Pet

Handmade Kashmire Cat Urns

Especially made for Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, these urns for your pet were crafted in Kashmire and are entirely hand-made.  From the unique egg-shaped form to the hand painted details, a black or tuxedo cat urn will look lovely in your home. The shape fits nicely into your cupped hand, encouraging your occasional caress. For use when you want to share a small amount of cremains with other family members.


Treasure Chest Urn

If your pet was truly a treasure, perhaps a hand made and hand painted chest urn would be an appropriate choice.  Made in Kashmire using ages old techniques, each urn is different.  You can chose one that matches your décor, your pet’s collar color or maybe your favorite color combination. Sized to accommodate pets under 15 pounds.


Handmade Boxes

Handmade by a local artist, these cardboard boxes are hand finished. All are 5″ x 7″ x 4″.

Above, a simple box has a crackle glaze on the sides and sepia images of black cats on the top.

Below, full-lid boxes have gloss black sides and art or photos on the top.


Kashmire and Sugar Pot Urns


Brightly-colored in various traditional shapes as well as cat shapes, these are hand made by Kashmire craftspersons.

If your pet was your “sweetness,” perhaps a hand-made and hand painted sugarpot would be an appropriate choice. Made in Kashmire using age old techniques, each urn is a little different in size, shape and color.  You can chose one that matches your décor, your pet’s collar color, or maybe just a color and shape that pleases you. Sized to accommodate pets under 15 pounds.

These urns for your pet are entirely unique and the ones pictured may not be the ones available. Please call for styles.


Black and Gold


Pittsburgh pet lovers have a wide variety of black and gold urns to memorialize their pets.  Matching pieces of handmade and hand painted lacquered boxes are reasonably priced.

These urns are entirely unique and the ones pictured may not be the ones available. Please call for styles.


Sugar Pot Shapes


Sugar pots made in Kashmire by craftsmen are a colorful and different presentation for keeping pet’s cremains.

These urns for your pet are entirely unique and the ones pictured may not be the ones available. Please call for styles.

Hearts of Love

These stunning hearts have the feel of leather and will discreetly hold your beloved pet’s cremains. There is ample room to also keep a collar, toy or other treasure inside; lid sits snuggly on top.

Dimensions on available sizes

Med. 4 H x 9 L x 8w (70 ci)

Large 6 H x 11 ¾ L x 11 w (250 ci)


Marble Urns for Your Pet


urn142The selection of marble urns for your pet is vast.  Shown are only some of the styles. Most marble urns have lids that rest on the top of the vase. Some have bottom secure closures.

Marble colors available include teakwood, boticcino cream, grey, veined black, fossilized marble and red zebra.

Urns are available to accommodate all sizes of pets.

Coral Horizon

Available in white, black, and caramel, this stunning marble urn at right can accommodate a pet weighting up to 125 pounds. Beautifully crafted, this urn has both a matching marble lid that sits atop a snuggled fitted plastic cap. If desired, this urn can also be accompanied by a personalized engraved base.


Marble Foundation

Possibly reminding you of a sandy beach or your precious one’s fur, this urn is made from natural marble. Heavy and durable, it’s created as a substantive monument to a beloved friend.

Dimensions 9 ¼ L x 7” H x 6 ½ W (210 ci)

Timeless Zebra Marble Urns

Derived from nature, the veining in each piece of black marble is unique. Allow one of these limited edition pieces to speak to you, whether it’s a book, a cookie jar or a large substantial vessel.

Dimensions on available urns

Large Vessel 10 ½ H x 7 Dia (220 ci)

Book 8 H x 6 D (80 ci)

Cookie Jar 8H x 4 W x 6L (45 ci)

Faux Marble

Urn-CompositeEtchedAvailable in a wide variety of colors and shapes, these urns can be customized to suit your individual taste creating a one of a kind remembrance for your beloved pet.  Your pet’s picture can be lasered on the side or top of the urn creating an everlasting memorial that will not be deteriorated by sun or time the way photographs can.


.Vintage Greens

If your pet had a big personality, these selections offer a pairing of photo frames and urns. If you want to create a presentation that is worthy of your special companion, these options offer a show stopping presence with their notable size. These urns accommodate your beloved pet weighed up to 150 pounds, or can be used to hold the cremains of multiple pets and/or any sentimental mementos you cherish.

Included in the vintage green collection is the veneer black marble tower with its distinguished green turquoise vertical stripe. This urn would pair nicely with a plain black photo frame (not shown).

Dimensions on Available Sizes:

Sage Cylinder 6 ½ H x 6W
Cream/Jade Square Tower 6 ¼ H x 6 ¾ W
Black/Green Turquoise Tower 9” H x 6 ½ W
Photo Frames 9 H x 7L x ½ W

Cultured Marble Mausoleums

Blue-marble-1000pxThis remarkable manufactured marble urn looks like a small piece of heaven on Earth. With its serene sky blue color, it mirrors the peaceful resting place you envision for your precious pet.  This urn measures 9 ½” X 6 ¾” X 6 ½” and can accommodate a pet weighing up to 35 pounds.


Hand-crafted and cultured from a precise blend of crushed stone, designer resin and color pigment which work together to emulate natural elements. The intrinsic beauty and enduring luster provide a lovely and secure urn for your pet.

Dimensions on available sizes

Blue 4 ½ H x 5 ½ L x 4 W (30 ci)

White 3.5 H x 5 L x 3.5 W (30 ci)

Cultured Marble

A deep green or white vase urn is created from marble and resin and may evoke long walks deep into the forest.

Dimensions 6 ¼ H x 4 D (45 ci)

Timeless Marble

Made of genuine polished marble, this long-lasting and beautiful stone has been used for centuries to create some of the world’s finest architecture, making this a timeless vessel for your one and only.

Dimensions on available sizes

3H (2ci)

7H x 5 D (40ci)-Shown

11H x 9D (220ci)


Limited Edition Resin Urns

Available in one of three pot style shaped designs, these unique resin urns for your pet have painted details of either silver tone or bronze tone and can make the perfect resting place for your beloved companion.

The silver-tone flattop urn measures approximately 3 ½” X 3 ½” X 6 ¼,” and can accommodate a pet weighing up to 15 pounds.

The gold-tone flattop urn measures approximately 4” X 4” X 6” and the finial top urn measures approximately 5” X 5” X 6 ¼”  and both can accommodate a pet weighing up to 20 pounds.


Memorial Tower


Specifically meant for a family that has shared the company of many pets, this  tower has the ability to hold the cremains of up to 18 pets.  Economical in its use of floor space, the tower only needs 9-½” x 13” of floor space and stands 36 ½” tall.  It can display up to sixteen 4” x 6” pictures.  Covered in black leather, it would be a lovely way to keep your pet family’s memory alive in your home.


Column Urns for Your Pet


Urn-Roses-Wood-BlackThese lovely urns are made using either cherry wood or black acrylic with a delicate laser etched design. Shown here is both the rose and willow tree etching. The cherry wood urn features a hand rubbed finish; the black acrylic finish is high gloss and fits well with modern décor or where you would like a representational urn that recalls your pet’s black fur. Both the wood and acrylic urns are available in three different sizes to accommodate pets from toy-chasing cats to squirrel-chasing retrievers and shepherds.

Burled Wood Tower

Burled wood is unique for its beauty. Rare in that no two pieces have exact characteristics, this distinctive swirl design may remind you of the soft and curly fur you would caress on your beloved pet.

Dimensions 11” H x 11”L x 7 “W (54 cubic inches).

Small Remembrances

Rock Critters

These adorable rock critters would make a playful embellishment to an urn or could be used indoors in a potted plant garden, creating a whimsical way to honor your beloved pet.

Dimensions on available sizes

Sleeping Cat 2 H x 7 ½ L x 5 ½ W

Frog 1 ¼ H x 3 L x 2 ½ W

Bunny 2 ½ H x 5 L x 3W

Chipmunk 2 H x 1 ½ L x 1 ½ W


Stone Urns for Your Pet

Realistic-looking Composite Stone


This stone marker can be kept indoors or outdoors with a memorial plaque fixed to the front. Limestone color is shown here; also available in charcoal black.

In Our Hearts Forever Stone


This beautiful urn is hand molded in a cast process using a durable polystone resin. The bottom has a secure metal opening that can hold up to 55 pounds of your beloved pet’s cremains or as a memory box to hold cherished items. This urn is not meant to be used as an outdoor remembrance.


Guardian Angel Forever Rock

Guardian Angle Forever Rock

What a beautifully detailed memorial to keep your loved one “Forever in our Hearts”.  The resin boulder is embraced with a wistful angel holding a tribute of flowers. This urn measures 11″ X 9″ X 4 ½” and will accommodate cremains for either your beloved kitty or your faithful canine. The 5″ X 4″ photo frame allows you to easily insert a favorite picture of your beloved companion. The fastened bottom closure creates a secure resting place for your pet.


Kitty Pawprint Rock


Made of polymer resin stone, this darling memorial rock urn reads “Cats leave paw prints on your heart forever…” Measuring approximately 9” X 5” X 6” and weighing only 4 pounds, this urn can easily accommodate both your cat’s cremains and a favorite toy or item. This urn’s secure bottom opening allows you to easily place your cat’s cremains inside. Your favorite 3” x 2” photo slides easily into the top of picture frame.


Memorials and Markers

Garden Angel

Garden Angel garden sculptureThis stunning angelic urn exudes calmness and strength through her magnificence and beauty. Individually hand crafted, this majestic bottom open urn is available in four sizes, 10”, 12”, 18” and 24” tall and can accommodate cremains for all sizes of pets or can be used as a resting place for several pets. The 18” Angel has room for a small name plate to be added, a perfect personalized touch for your precious loved one.

Bassett Sandstone Statue

Not an urn, this adorable Bassett statue is meant to be an embellishment to either stand alone, be affixed to the top of a box urn or just guard a memento you hold dear.

Dimensions: 9” H x 6”L x 4”W.

Stone Marker


This beautifully designed memorial stone is perfect to place in a garden in remembrance of your beloved companion. It can be displayed atop a family pet who was buried long ago or placed simply as a sentimental reminder of a loved one who has passed.


Made of resin and measuring approximately 14”X 8”, this memorial will be a loving tribute to your furry friend. Available in either “Best friends come in all breeds, and forever hold a place in your heart” or “Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.”


Engraved Stone

urn176For families who prefer to scatter or bury the cremains, there are a number of stone markers available that can be engraved with icons and sentiments to express your special relationship with your pet.




Cylinder Pendant with Double Paws

This sleek black cylinder embellished with two tiny paws is made of stainless steel and comes with a 19” stainless (pewter) finish chain.  A small portion of your pet’s cremains can be interred in the cylinder to keep your pet always beside you.

Stainless Steel Prism Cylinder with Brass Accents

This stunning cremains pendant is made of high quality stainless steel and is embellished with beveled brass accents.  A little over one inch in length, the brass bevels catch the light and draw your eye to what precious one is placed inside.


Disk Necklaces

Disk Necklaces with Paws or Cat Silhouette

Available in both bronze and pewter, these lovely pawprint and cat silhouette disk necklaces measure .8” X .8”X .2” and can hold a small portion of your pet’s cremains so you can always keep your precious companion close to your heart.

Disk Necklace Cat With Yarn

Made of stainless steel, this playful necklace is available in either bronze-tone or silver-tone.  Measuring .8” in diameter by .2” in depth, this sentimental charm can carry a small portion of your precious pet’s cremains so you can always keep your pet close.


My Best Friend Keychain

Simple yet elegant, this high quality stainless steel cremation urn keychain measures

1”L X 5/8”W X ¼”D. This lovely key tag has a threaded top that opens and can hold a small portions of your pet’s cremains, allowing your precious companion to continue to go on every car ride with you.


Stainless Steel Stairs to Heaven Cremation Urn Pendant w/ Chain

This lovely, high quality stainless steel cremation urn pendant measures 1 ¾” X 5/16” X 3/16” and is engraved with the poem, “If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.” With a secure threaded bottom fastener, this heartfelt pendant comes with a 22” chain.


Silver-tone Bar with Simulated Gem Pendant

Maybe the gemstone will remind you of your pet’s eyes?……This lovely, high quality stainless steel cremation urn bar pendant measures 1 ¼” X ¼” X ¼” and is available in all birthstones (amethyst shown-ask for availability of other colored gems).  Cremains cavity is fitted with a secure top threaded fastener.

Cuff Bracelet

Wearing this cuff, every time you look at your wrist you will undoubtedly think of your special friend.  This stunning, high quality stainless steel urn bangle bracelet is a lovely way to remember the special bond you shared with your beloved companion.  Available in coffee (shown), black, gold, gun metal, and silver and with a cremains compartment closed by a secure fastener at one end, this beautiful bangle can securely hold a small portion of your pet’s cremains.


Medallion Memory Charm

American made, this pewter Medallion is an ideal keepsake for cremated remains, a lock of hair, or other memento. Although this Medallion is not intended to be worn as jewelry, it can be utilized in a variety of ways including as an urn charm, an all-seasons ornament, a rear-view mirror charm, or a picture frame adornment to honor your beloved companion.


Memory Paw Jewelry

Five ideas to hold the memory of your beloved pet. Click on any image to see a larger version of the piece.

A. Memory Paw

  • Approximately 5/8” x 5/8″ x 3/16”
  • Comes with an 18” sterling silver chain
  • Each Memory Paw can hold about a small bit of cremains that are sealed in place with resin enamel.
  • Only one Memory Paw is created by the artist at a time to ensure that absolutely no cremains are mixed up or lost.
  • Any cremains not sealed in the pendant are returned to you.
  • The back of the pendant is flat for engraving.


B. Paw Holiday Ornament

  • Lead free pewter paw shaped ornament.
  • Will be engraved with your pet’s name at no additional cost.
  • Measures 2 ¾” w by 2 ½” h by 1/16” d, weighing about 2 oz.
  • Ornament hangs by a satin paw print ribbon and comes in a black satin drawstring bag.


C. Paw Tie Tack/Lapel Pin

Sterling Silver or 14K Gold

  • Made from either sterling silver or 14K gold.
  • Measures ½” h by ½” w by 1/16” d with 7/16” back pin shaft and secure tie tack fastener.
  • Comes in a black satin drawstring bag.


D. Heart-n-Paw Pendant Necklace

Silvertone heart or Murano glass heart

  • Paw made from sterling silver hanging from heart attached to a black satin cord.
  • Pendant measures approximately 1 ½” long by ½”wide.
  • Necklace secures with lobster claw clasp.
    Comes in a black satin drawstring bag.



E. Gold and Diamond Paw Necklace
With or without diamond

  • Made from 14 K gold and comes with a fine 18” 14K gold chain.
  • Paw measures ½” h by ½” w by 1/8” d with 7 point diamond.
  • Comes attached to an adorable limited edition black puppy especially boxed for gift giving.



Memorials and Keepsakes

Hand Painted Portrait Pillow


This beautifully hand painted pillow is truly amazing. A realistic likeness of your precious pet that you can cuddle and snuggle. If desired, your pet’s cremains can be securely placed inside the pillow bringing you comfort and reminding you of fond memories you had with your pet. Individually created from a personal picture of your choice and made from cotton duck material, this incredible hand painted replica of your beloved companion will amaze all who see it.


Cuddly Companions

These adorable cuddly companions can be a comforting reminder of your precious pet.  Sweet as it is on its own, you can also choose to personalize this stuffed animal by having the cremains of your beloved companion interred inside so that you can always hold them dear to your heart. Available in a variety of shapes (dog, cat, bear).


Rose Keepsake

Roses are the definitive symbol for love—Picture this stunning keepsake in a vase on your desk, reminding you of the special relationship you shared with your precious pet.

Crafted of brass and measuring approx. 14″ X 3,” the inside bud of the rose is a compartment that seals with a silicone plug to hold a tiny amount of cremains.

The Leaf on the stem can be engraved with your pet’s name to personalize this forever remembrance. The rose is available in all bronze, all pewter, or bronze stem/leaf with crimson rose bud.


Handmade Blown Glass Keepsake


Create everlasting memories using a small portion of your pet’s cremains in this stunning form of artwork.  This handmade blown glass globe is created according to your choices—along with encasing your pet’s cremains, you can chose from three interior swirl designs embellished with two colors from a palette of sixteen.  The finished product can be cradled in your hand and shimmers in the sun.  A timeless keepsake to evoke the happy memories shared with your companion.


Wooden Urn With Scratching Post


Alder finish urn with traditional top shape, frame for photo and a cardboard scratching post on two sides so that other household kitties can still interact with their lost friend.





EterniTrees blend your pet’s cremains with the seeds for a tree to create a living memorial to your pet. By planting an EterniTrees urn with your precious pet’s cremains, you perpetuate the circle of life that nourishes and sustains your memorial tree.  You can choose from a variety of evergreen, deciduous, ornamental, flowering, and native trees.  For a pet that was most at home outside or in the garden, this is a most fitting final resting place.



Biodegradable Heart Urn

Made of biodegradable material, this sweet sand colored heart shaped urn provides a “green” burial vessel for your precious pet.  Available in both small and large sizes and measuring approximately 6” X 5 ½” and 7” X 7” respectively, this urn can accommodate a pet weighing up to 110 pounds.

Biodegradable Butterfly Scatter Tube

Flying skyward, these blossomed butterflies symbolize the release of a precious life loved. This biodegradable option can be used as a permanent urn or as a temporary vessel to contain your pet until you are ready to release the cremains. Dimensions 6 ½ H x 2” W (40 cubic inches)

Memory Vessels


Memory Vessels


Memory Vessels are the only keepsakes that provide storage for meaningful physical mementos, along with photos, videos and sound recordings of our loved one. The jewelry combines two storage compartments along with a USB Flash Drive for storing digital copies of photos, videos and audio recordings.


Unlike traditional keepsake jewelry that simply stores mementos, collectibles or cremated remains, Memory Vessels® also provide an opportunity to preserve and share the images and sounds of our lives.



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