Tribute Scroll

Memories from Pet Memorial Sunday

Since the inception of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, I have organized a gathering on the second Sunday of September to honor Pet Memorial Sunday, a day created by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories to honor the beloved pets who have shared our life. Each year I invite the families who have had me care for their pets and encourage families to both bring a picture of their pet and write a brief memorial which is read during the gathering.

In 2010, my webmaster, Bernadette Kazmarski, suggested we create a slideshow weaving the photos and the words of families attending Pet Memorial Sunday as a permanent  remembrance on my site. I named it the “Tribute Scroll” and commissioned music that was written and composed especially for the Scroll. If you are a family member with a pet appearing in the Scroll, I hope this honors your pet’s memory in a very special way.  If you are just looking at this site, I hope you realize that you are in the company of families who care as much for their pet as you do yours.

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Visit here for more information about the Tribute Scroll and Pet Memorial Sunday.


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