Pet Urn Purchase – Other Considerations

Pet Urn

It’s not surprising how often families ask, “What pet urn should I get?”  The photo of the vase shaped urn with pawprints is what many people think of when they think of a pet urn.  It is one of literally thousands of alternatives that are available.  In order to help families think through their pet urn purchase, I wrote an article describing five items to consider:


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This article will explore another five items that can impact what you may chose when making a pet urn purchase.


When you think of your pet, do you remember his blue eyes or the way she perched over you to let you know it was time to wake up?

 pet urns

These characteristics can be captured in the urn purchase. Urns can be found in all colors: pink, blue, green, copper, silver, black, grey, white and many combinations of colors. If you remember long walks with your pet, an urn with pawprints engraved onto the urn may bring those walks to mind. Urns can incorporate figures that remind you of a pose or behavior that you associate with your pet



Some urns are very large, requiring a deep shelf or require a lot of height to accommodate.  If you chose an urn that is very heavy, you need to make sure that where it will sit in your home can support its weight.

Pet Urn

When you do not have a lot of horizontal space to accommodate a more traditional urn, you may chose to place your pet’s cremains in a frame urn that can be hung on the wall.  This type of urn not only frees shelf space, but it keeps the urn inaccessible to small children and curious pets.

Pet urn



Some pets come to your family in pairs or trios and are bonded to each other in a very special way.  It only seems fitting that once they pass, they continue to be near each other.  If this idea appeals to you, you may wait to purchase an urn,  If you wait until the group has passed, you can engrave their information onto the urn.

Family Pet Urn


Many families desire to keep a number of items that were associated with their pet in the urn-collars, tags, a favorite toy, a special bandana–all these things can be placed in the urn with the pet.

Pet UrnIf this is what you would like to do, you need to purchase an urn that is large enough to fit both the cremains and the items.


Families find many reasons to share pet’s cremains – perhaps the children have gone off to college or have moved into their own homes but would still like to keep a part of the pet with them.  Some families find that after a  breakup or divorce, both parties would like to keep a remembrance of the pet.  Still other families spread cremains in a favorite outdoor location and retain just a small portion to keep with them.

Pet urnsKeepsakes are small urns that are only meant to hold a very small portion of the entire pet’s cremains.  Keepsakes come in all different shapes, sizes and materials and many can be engraved much like a full-size urn.


The purchase of your pet’s urn involves careful consideration of an array of issues.  I encourage you to take your time so that the urn you place your pet in is just the perfect combination, reminding you of everything that made your pet special.









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