Healing Hearts 2021

Healing Hearts is a way to “gather” to learn about grief and how to help ourselves through this transition.

Speaking from my own experience, losing a beloved pet is a hurt that we don’t “get over.”  What we can expect is to be able to function with this hurt as an indelible part of who we are.

Take your time and absorb the information that is presented. You determine the speed you need to read each slide.

This presentation is separated into three parts. To view each part, tap on one of the images below. In the slideshow, tap on the left or right arrows to navigate forward or back.

You may find that turning your device to horizontal view gives you a more easily readable format.

So, I invite you to get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and find a comfortable place to watch the presentations.

I wish we could be together but at least you can listen to Elizabeth’s closing remarks by clicking below.

Please feel free to leave a comment to share your experiences with others.

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