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The urn or container that you select to safekeep your pet’s cremains should be as special as the relationship you had with your pet. This page features just some of the choices that you can make in wood, metal, marble, ceramic, handmade and compound materials and unique combinations.

The pictures are provided here to give you an idea of what is available for your consideration, but I don’t post prices because I feel it’s important to work with my families and all the choices you need to make. Due to the huge variety of choices that you can make, this sample is not intended to provide all the information you may need to make your selection. I would be honored to assist you in providing the information you need to make the perfect choice for you and your pet.

Not sure how to choose an urn?

For more information to help you choose an urn for your pet, read our article “What to Consider When Choosing an Urn

This is only a sampling of the urns available. Note that not all urns pictured may be available at all times.

Wooden Urns

Magic Window


Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is pleased to present the Magic Window series of urns.

Manufactured in the United States of indigenous hard woods, these urns are favored by families for their workmanship, ease of use and choices offered.

Many families prefer an urn that allows them to incorporate a favorite picture of their pet into the urn. Magic Window refers to the frame feature that is a part of each urn. The design makes insertion of the picture simple, eliminating the need to cut the picture so that it fits exactly into the frame. The frame is accessible by sliding it sideways, eliminating the need to open the entire urn to insert or change the picture.

The urn allows you to chose the shape of the frame that best fits your picture. Your choice for frames include the following shapes:

  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Double Oval
  • Heart
  • Tilted Heart

Except for the Rectangular frame, all frames can be lasered with your pet’s name and two dates.  Some families show their pet’s date of birth and some show their pet’s date of adoption into their home.

As an alternative to personalizing the frame, you may choose to have a sentiment, name and dates to be lasered onto the top, back or side of the urn.

Most frames are now available with lasered hearts as well as paw prints.

The Double Oval frame can be used in several ways. You may chose to show a kitten/puppy photo in one opening and an adult photo in another. Alternatively, you may want to put two pets to rest in the same urn, so you may show a picture of each pet in the two ovals.

The Tilted Heart frame comes with the sentiment “Forever In Our Hearts” lasered along the side of the frame. This still allows you to have your pet’s name and dates lasered onto the face of the frame. You may choose the Forever In Our Hearts sentiment to be lasered plain or to have paw prints cascading between each word.

There are two fonts available to be used to laser your pet’s name and dates:

  • Monotype Corsiva which resembles handwriting
  • Times New Roman

The picture shows a sample of each. You may also chose to have sets of four pawprints lasered into the corner(s) of the frame or top.

Magic Window urns are available in four different woods.

Magic Window urns are available in four different woods.

Magic Window urns are available in four different woods:

    • Maple is the lightest color wood available.
    • Oak provides for a more visible grain and is a little darker than the Maple.
    • Cherry starts out light beige and deepens into auburn over time.
    • Walnut provides a deep rich brown.

Magic Window urns are available in three sizes:

Small – Suitable for small dogs and cats

Medium – Suitable for medium dogs or two small dogs or cats

Large – Suitable for large dogs

As you can see, Magic Window urns provide a wide variety of choices in material, design and presentation so that the urn you ultimately receive is a one of a kind memorial to properly remember your one in a million companion.  While you may certainly get an idea of what you may want for your pet, your family may benefit from the knowledge and guidance that we can provide in making the right selections to customize your pet’s urn.