To Drive Or Not To Drive?

The first decision that your family will need to consider after choosing
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation for your beloved companion’s aftercare is how you prefer to arrange for the transportation of your pet’s body. Your family can choose to have your pet received at your home or at your veterinarian’s office or you may choose to bring your pet to Chartiers yourself.
Moving your pet’s body after it has passed can be traumatic for families. Driving after losing a pet can be dangerous; you may be distracted from the road with thoughts of your final moments with your pet or get caught up with the “I should haves.” You may be crying and not concentrating on the cars and people around you. I personally have had two experiences driving after just experiencing the loss of a loved one. In one case, I ran over a parking sign and in another I came to an abrupt stop, nearly causing a rear end collision. The last thing you need after the death of your pet is to be involved in a traffic accident.
Another consideration in the decision to transport is the size of your pet. Immediately after passing, your pet’s body is limp. Using a bed for lifting and transporting a large pet is difficult because it does not support the weight, can be difficult to slide into a vehicle and will not contain the solids and fluids that can escape from the body.
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation has the resources necessary to help you whether you transport yourself or choose Chartiers to provide the transportation. Help is just a phone call away.

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