Do I need an urn for my pet’s cremains?

urnsDo I need an urn?

The array of choices available to you to memorialze your pet is vast and is not limited to things that can be purchased. It is the process of grieving that gives you the opportunity to assess the importance that your pet held in your life and to find the best possible way to honor that relationship. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation can offer you the guidance and assistance you need to find just the right way to remember your beloved pet.

The days and weeks after the loss occurs is a tender time—you may find yourself unable to put away water and food dishes, toys, leashes, collars and the many items that filled your days with your pet. Rather than rush to bring something new into your home, take the time to think about what you want to see when you remember your pet—is it a favorite toy, a picture of your pet looking out a favorite window or sitting beneath a shady tree. What you buy to memorialize your pet has everything to do with what will give you comfort and a sense of peace. It is not necessary to rush this decision.

If you would feel more at ease by making a decision on an urn and having it ready when you come to take your pet home, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation can make that happen for you. With the wide array of urns in stock, you can easily chose from a large selection of shapes, sizes and materials that will complement your home and the memory of your pet.

If you would like to take a look at a selection of urns available through Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation please visit our Urns page.

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