How will I receive my pet’s cremains?


What do I need to know?

At Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, your pet is returned to your hands, not mailed or left in a paper bag for pickup like drycleaning over a counter as is the practice of many other pet cremation services.

Handmade Fabric Bag

At Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, the touch of your pet is the one thing we can hope to return to you. Your pet will be placed into your hands in a beautiful custom made fabric bag. The softness of the fabric bag allows you to again hold your pet.

The bag will be made of a fabric of your choosing. You can either select from the 100+ fabrics that are kept at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation or provide a fabric that has some sentimental meaning to you and your pet. In the past, families have provided the first blanket their little one came home in, or a neckerchief worn on a special day, or the lining of a hunting jacket worn by the family member during long walks in the woods or a coat worn by the pet. If you have something that would be especially memorable, please talk about it when you call to make arrangements. Families have also provided a much loved stuffed toy which can be used to hold the cremains. It is our honor to incorporate these special memories into the process of caring for your beloved pet. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is here to help you make what holds your pet’s cremains as unique as your pet.

Fur Rose

Before your pet’s cremation, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation will snip a small amount of fur/feathers from your pet. This will be sealed in plastic and wrapped around a silk rose bud as a special visual memento of your beautiful pet. This rose can be displayed with the cremains, kept after burial of the cremains or simply tucked discreetly inside an urn.

Do I need an urn?