I have never made arrangements for a cremation

Because you have chosen Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, there are several options for you to consider.


Once Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation has received your pet’s body, the cremation can be performed within 48 hours. This expedited cremation is useful in situations where the cremains are needed immediately, such as if the pet’s cremains are to be buried with a family member whose funeral is imminent or a family member is leaving town for college or military service and wants to take the cremains with them. You may also select the 48 hour completion if you just want to get the death and all its related details behind you.

The normal standard of completion for your pet’s cremation is within two weeks of  CCPC receiving the body. This timeframe allows your family time to become adjusted to the loss, giving you time to process the events and to reassemble your life without your pet’s presence.


Some families choose to be present at the cremation of their pet. This process takes about 4 ½ to 5 hours to complete. In order to allow for this, an attended cremation is scheduled for a day and time convenient for you to be present.

If you would like to chose this option but cannot make room in your day on the day your pet dies, CCPC can receive your pet’s body on the day of passing and hold the body until the day when you can be present for the cremation.


Depending on the size of your pet, there may be other decisions you can make.

Or if you are ready to make arrangements, or have any other questions, please call 412-220-7800.

I have never received cremains – What do I need to know?