Choosing An Urn

Choosing an urn for your pet is a sentimental as well as a practical activity that helps you define and honor the relationship you shared with your pet. It is not surprising how often families ask, “What urn should I get?” The answer to that question is as unique as your relationship with your pet.
To help you in your selection, here are a few points to consider when selecting an urn for your pet:
Your family might like to see a representation of your pet in or on the urn. There are urns that are statues shaped like cats or dogs that hold the cremains inside the hollow space in the urn. There are other selections that allow your family to affix a figurine to a box that holds the cremains. There are also urns that show the pet in relief or as a silhouette on the surface of the urn.
Urns come in a vast array of materials—wood, marble, ceramic and resin to name just a few. Think about the different properties of each material—weight, eco-friendly, touch, color, durability, natural vs. manufactured.
Some urn designs allow you to easily insert and change the photo of your pet. The picture frame shape can either easily accent a photo (oval) or may be more complex (heart shaped).
You may want to touch and hold your pet’s cremains, desiring an urn that can be easily opened. Or you may want to safeguard your pet in an urn that is permanently fastened closed. Or something in between.
Engraving your pet’s name and dates of birth and passing are often chosen. This can be done on the urn, on a medallion or on a base the urn sits on. You may want to also include a nickname, achievements, epithets or symbols.
Did your pet have blue eyes? Did you take long walks? Urns can incorporate an attribute, pose or behavior that reminds you of your beloved pet.
Physical Features
Large and wide, tall and narrow, heavy or light. low or high center of gravity. Where you put your pet’s urn dictates the space it will occupy in your home, the view you will have when you see it, the possibility it can be dropped or broken.
Other Pets
When you have several pets who are buddies, you may want to place all of them together in one urn.
Other Items
Was there a favorite toy, a well-worn leash, tags or other mementos that must be kept with your pet? Urns can hold cremains as well as these precious items.
Would you like to share the cremains between several family members or would you like to scatter some of the cremains and keep some in your home. Keepsake urns and/or cremation jewelry can serve this purpose.
As you can see from this list, the purchase of an urn involves careful consideration of an array of issues. I encourage you to take your time in making an urn purchase so that the urn you bring into your home is the perfect combination, reminding you of everything that made your pet special.
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