Eternitrees Help to “Heal Your Heart, and Heal the Planet”

Eternitrees bio-urns.

Eternitrees bio-urns.

The idea of planting something that will live and grow long beyond your loss to memorialize your loved pet warms the heart with a vision of a blooming tree or shrub or a flower bed that constantly renews itself. And though we carry them with us always in our hearts, sometimes we need a physical place to go to review and cherish our memories of the one who is no longer physically beside us.

And when better to plan such a memorial than the beginning of spring? I am always searching for fitting memorials for your animal companion, and CCPC is now offering Eternitrees to welcome spring and celebrate Earth Day by planning a living memorial to your pet.

EterniTrees is a bio-urn containing a unique mix that aids in the release of beneficial plant nutrients which are found in cremains along with the seeds of your chosen memorial tree. The EterniTrees components condition your pet’s cremated ashes to cultivate a mixture that nourishes and sustains your memorial tree.

Cremation is a growing trend in aftercare services and families are searching for a green alternative for the final remembrance of their pet.

The EterniTrees urn is a biodegradable container strong enough to cradle the precious cremains of your pet. The top of the urn is a sealed bio chamber that, once buried, absorbs moisture from rain which allows the mixture inside to expand and cover the cremated remains, neutralizing the pH, thus allowing the tree seeds of your choice to grow.

Each urn is designed to hold the complete cremains of a small pet or one-quarter of a large dog. Often families who cherished a pet for years will share the cremains, and in this way multiple family members will be able to plant their own tree that is specific to their own garden, planting zone or memory.

These trees obviously carry a good bit of emotional weight. Eternitrees provides information on planting zones and on each species of tree they offer as well as planting and care instructions so you can make the best choice for your area.

I have chosen seven varieties which are well-suited to our planting zone, USDA Zone 6:

  • Eastern Redbud
  • Deodara Cedar
  • Flowering Cherry
  • Oak
  • Blue Spruce
  • Sugar Maple
  • Flowering Dogwood

To ensure they grow, Eternitrees guarantees they are given more than enough growth medium and nutrient compounds as well as seeds to neutralize the cremains negative effects while bringing out the positive elements, allowing the tree to be nourished and thrive. In the unlikely event that the tree does not grow or thrive, you may choose to have replacement seeds and growth medium or an actual sapling sent which you can plant on the initial burial site, allowing the nutrients of your loved one to still “become the heart of a tree.”

As you are planning your spring gardening activities, include a living memorial that will always help you remember your pet as well as help the planet in the way that only trees can.

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