Considering a Rainbow Pet


Recently I learned the term “rainbow baby” from an acquaintance who had just suffered the loss of a miscarriage and is hoping to experience the joy of another child–her “rainbow baby” that brightens life after the terrible storm of the loss.

Tonight I had the sorrowful experience of assisting a young couple who had just experienced the loss of a five month old puppy.   They had nursed him back from a collapse when he was only three months old and had hoped that he had turned the corner only to lose him now, Their grief was palpable and their tears flowed.  So I was wondering whether the concept of a “rainbow pet” would be equally as healing of a concept for those families who have experience the loss of a kitten or puppy or other very young pet.  Not that it would ever replace that pet — only that they might be willing to see another pet, like the rainbow after the storm, fulfill the promise of the love and companionship that they hope to have.


Photo credit: Bernadette Kazmarski, “Rainbow Clouds”

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