Spring Pet Safety

Spring for children can mean egg hunts, baskets of candy, and going to meet the Easter Bunny, but for our pets the season can mean a few temptations to chew and ingest things that aren’t good for them. With the change in the season, remember to take a few extra steps to keep your pets safe.

  • Say No to Easter Grass
Easter grass can make a basket really pretty but it’s irresistible for dogs and cats. They love to chew on it and, if ingested, it can be dangerous. Use tissue paper instead or if you do use Easter grass, keep those baskets out of reach of your pets.



  • Sugar Substitute Xylitol is Toxic to Pets
Candy that has the sugar substitute xylitol, a sweetener, is toxic to dogs and cats. It’s often found in candy, gum, and some baked goods, so be sure to keep it away from your pet.
  • Lilies are Toxic to Cats
Lilies are very pretty but cats have a tendency to chew on them. These flowers are toxic to cats and can cause lethargy and vomiting.
  • Table Scraps Can Be Harmful to Pets
Table scraps from dinner can be unhealthy for your pet and can make your pet ill, upset their stomach, or cause other problems such as obesity and behavior problems.
  • Don’t Lose Track of Where You Hide Eggs
Real or fake eggs might be mistaken as a treat or toy by your dog. Keep track of the number of eggs you hide in your yard and where they are and gather up any undiscovered ones after the hunt is over.
  • Stuffed Toys for Kids May Not Be Suitable for Pets
Toys for the kids can be mistaken by your dog as a toy for him/her. Your dog might swallow plastic eyes/nose, stuffing, or other parts that can cause intestinal blockages or an upset stomach so be sure to keep the baskets out of reach from your pet.
  • Crowds Can Be a Challenge With Your Pet
Crowded houses with friends, family, and guests can be overwhelming to your pet. If your pet(s) do not handle crowds well, crating your dog in a room away from the guests or putting your cat in the bedroom is the best solution with some food, water, their bed and toys to help them relax.
  • Keep Chocolate Away From Pets
Chocolate can be harmful to your furry family member so please keep it out of paws reach.

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