Three New Urn Styles, for Cat Lovers and More

three Kashmire urns shaped like tuxedo cats

Kashmire tuxedo cats

The urn or container that you select to safekeep your pet’s cremains should be as special as the relationship you had with your pet. I am always listening to customers’ comments and looking for urns which might suitably honor their pets. I’m now offerng three new designs and one of them, the new handmade Kashmire line of tuxedo and black cats, is custom made to my request.

Handmade Kashmire Tuxedo and Black cats

back of tuxedo cat urns

Kashmire Tuxedos from the back.

Especially made for Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, these urns were crafted in Kashmire and are entirely hand-made (read about the process). From the unique egg-shaped form to the hand painted details, a black or tuxedo cat urn will look lovely in your home. The shape fits nicely into your cupped hand, encouraging your occasional caress. 

kashmire black cat urns front

Kashmire Black Cat Urns from the front.

There are three sizes:


for use when you want to share a small amount of cremains with another family members. 


for use when one cat’s cremains are to be evenly shared between two family members.

kashmire black cat urns

Kashmire Black Cats, back.


for use when holding the entire cat’s cremains.

Reasonably priced, this urn will provide a lovely new resting place for your beloved cat.

To see this and other Kashmire cat urns, please follow this link to my website.

Autumn Cloisonné Kitites

cloisonne cat urn

Cloisonné Kitties Urn

Cloisonné is a sophisticated artform that beautifully unites copper and enamel in a mosaic pattern. Newly created, the manufacturer crafted this urn to honor the life you shared with your cat. The rich tan, cream and brown tones may remind you of your special tabby hiding amongst autumn leaves.

detail of cloisonne urn

Detail of cloisonné


To see this and other cloisonné urns, please follow this link to my website.

Column Urns

column urns

Wood or Acrylic etched with a rose.

These lovely urns are made using either cherry wood or black acrylic with a delicate laser etched design. Shown here is the rose etching; the urn is also available with a willow tree etching. The cherry wood urn features a hand rubbed finish; the black acrylic finish is high gloss and fits well with modern décor or where you would like a representational urn that recalls your pet’s black fur. Both the wood and acrylic urns are available in three different sizes to accommodate pets from bird-catching cats to squirrel-chasing retrievers and shepherds.

To see this and other column urns, please follow this link to my website.

And feel free to visit the entire Urns page of my website which features just some of the choices that you can make in wood, metal, marble, ceramic, handmade and compound materials and unique combinations.

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