Harmony Ball Urns and Keepsakes

photo of display case

Harmony Ball Urns and Keepsakes

I am thrilled to be offering a lovely selection of harmony ball urns and keepsakes. Most are created by English artists and aptly capture the behaviors of our pets that make us smile

Scooch Pooch just arrived today and he’s busy scratching that private place in a way that makes us cringe.

Charm School the Cat has been here a few weeks. She’s very busy with her personal hygiene and looks defiantly at us disturbing her private moment!

I’ve added these whimsical pieces to my urn collection because so many families smile through their tears as they tell me about their pet’s peculiar behavior. These pieces tend to remind us of the humorous and embarrassing moments we experience with them.

In the coming weeks I’ll be featuring several of these fun and beautiful new items. You can also visit the urns page on my website to see a few samples and even more styles of urns and keepsakes.

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