Classic Urns: Marble and Faux Marble

marble urns

A small selection of marble urns available.


The selection of marble urns is vast. Shown are only some of the styles. Most marble urns have lids that rest on the top of the vase. Some have bottom secure closures.

Marble colors available include teakwood, boticcino cream, grey, veined black, fossilized marble and red zebra. 

Sizes are available to accommodate all sizes of pets.

Traditional Rectangular Marble

marble urns

Various sizes and colors of classic rectangular shapes.

These rectangular urns are masterpieces in marble.

Choose from striking Black Zebra Marble or the warm brown/beige tones of Fossil Marble. Other color selections include Teakwood Marble, Gray Marble, Medium or Light Green Onyx or Botticino Cream Marble.

These urns are available in two sizes and distinct in color and natural grain patterns.

Faux Marble

faux marble urn

Etched composite marble

Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, these urns can be customized to suit your individual taste creating a one of a kind remembrance for your beloved pet. 

faux marble urn

Composite marble in black

Your pet’s picture can be lasered on the side or top of the urn creating an everlasting memorial that will not be deteriorated by sun or time the way photographs can.

You can see larger images of these urns on my website along with many other styles. If you’re interested in an urn, please e-mail or give me a call at 412-220-7800.

Photographs © Bernadette E. Kazmarski.

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