Wooden Urns, Classic to Unique

hand carved wooden box

Wooden Wave

Classic shapes to unique handmade keepsake boxes, the warmth and natural tones of wood are comforting and familiar, and sustainable bamboo as well.

Wooden Wave

Wooden Wave Companion Urns feature organic, natural functionality in three- and two-drawer urns to accommodate more than one pet or keepsakes.

Master handcrafted and finished, Wave urns feature felt-lined drawers and a rich blend of selected offsetting dark and light woods.

Hinged Wood Remembrance Urns

hinged wooden boxes

Hinged Wooden Boxes

Made by a local woodworker according to our specifications, these wooden box urn perfectly hold the fabric bag and fur rose cremains presentation that is unique to CCPC. They can be made of cherry or walnut to a size that would be appropriate for your pet. The hinged lid fastens with a countersunk magnet giving a smooth and finished appearance.

Medallion Wood

medallion carved wood box

Medallion Box

Dignified with an old world flair, the medallion wood urn is available in six different woods—maple, pine, oak, cherry, walnut and mahogany.

Sizes from small to extra large will accomodate your pet whether you have a cat or a great dane. A metal plate can be added to personalize this traditional presentation.


bamboo box

Bamboo Box

Bamboo Box Urns are a popular alternative to the hard woods used in construction and product design. Warm tone finishes and clean lines reflect the ecologically efficient nature of bamboo which is the fastest-growing plant on Earth.

The Bamboo Box Urn is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.


octagonal wooden box

Octagonal Wooden box

Simple octagonal shaped wooden urn has honey oak finish and is available in sizes to accommodate most pets. Bottom plug closure.

Can be personalized with frame or photo plate for a lovely and economical tribute.

You can see larger images of these urns on my website along with many other styles. If you’re interested in an urn, please e-mail or give me a call at 412-220-7800.

Photographs © Bernadette E. Kazmarski.

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