Bronze Sculptures

bronze abstract sculptures

A Variety of Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Scuplture with Bronze or Wooden Base

An outstanding collection of scupltured urns that express the emotions of a special relationship and say, “We will always remember”.

Crafted from bonded marble and wood resins and finished in a bronze patina, these works of art were specifically designed for pets to depict the everyday moments of love between pets and their humans.

bronze wooden display

Bronze Wooden Display

Sculptures can be used as a keepsake without a base, and are also available with bronze bases (shown in photo above) or wood bases (shown at left) which hold your pet’s cremains and are available in various sizes.


bronze eagle sculpture

Bronze Eagle Sculpture

Evoking a watchfulness that may characterize your pet, this majestic eagle urn can be used as either a stand alone urn or as a graceful addition to a plain wooden urn. Made of brass in a silvertone finish, it stands approximately 6 ½” tall and would accommodate the cremains of a pet weighting 25 pounds or less. Combined with a wood urn as a base, it could be used for any sized pet.

St. Francis Statue Urn

st francis statue

St. Francis Statue

Long associated with a love of animals, this statue urn represents the saint in antiqued brass tones. It stands over 13 inches high and used alone, would hold cremains from a pet weighing up to 25 pounds. Used in conjunction with a metal or wooden base, it would handsomely house any size pet. 

You can see larger images of these urns on my website along with many other styles. If you’re interested in an urn, please e-mail or give me a call at 412-220-7800.

Photographs © Bernadette E. Kazmarski.

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