Cloisonné Urns

cloisonne urn with cat figures

Cat Cloisonne

Cloisonné Kitties

Cloisonné is a sophisticated artform that beautifully unites copper and enamel in a mosaic pattern. Newly created, the manufacturer crafted this urn to honor the life you shared with your cat. The rich tan, cream and brown tones may remind you of your special tabby hiding amongst autumn leaves. Also available in slate blue-gray (not pictured).


cloisonne urns

Cloisonne Ginger Jars

These beautiful cloisonné urns are brass with enameled designs painted on the surface. They feature a threaded top lid closure and come in the four colors shown: deep sky blue, rose petal pink, sugary cream and black and gold. They accommodate the cremains of a small to medium size pet.

Other Cloisonné Choices

cloisonne urns

Other styles and colors of cloisonne

Other lovely cloisonné urn choices that are available to accommodate slightly larger pets. 

Available colors include hunter green, autumn brown, azure blue, pink purple, and spring green.

You can see larger images of these urns on my website along with many other styles. If you’re interested in an urn, please e-mail or give me a call at 412-220-7800.

Photographs © Bernadette E. Kazmarski.

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