Washington First Aid classes

Three things happen when I sponsor a first aid class:

1. People who attend learn valuable skills to apply in case of a pet emergency

2. Donations made by attendees are used to buy pet oxygen masks for their community’s first responders

3. I meet the nicest people.

I enjoy meeting people at the first aid classes that I sponsor throughout the Pittsburgh area.   Last night we had a lively and most generous group assembled at the Citizens Library in downtown Washington. At the end of the class, I gave each participant a starter first aid kit and invited them to give a free will donation towards the purchase of an animal oxygen mask kit.  From donations made by participants in prior classes, both Bethel Park and Mt Lebanon first responders now have these oxygen masks at the ready .   Last nights collection will be used to purchase a kit for the Humane Officer working at the Washington Area Humane Society (WAHS).   When I called Becky, the manager at the shelter, to ask if she would be able to make use of the oxygen mask kit , we got to talking about the first aid class.  She has been interested in having that training at the shelter so next week when Karen Sable, the first aid instructor, and I go out to deliver the oxygen mask kit we are going to see if we can partner to conduct a short series of wellness/ first aid classes with WAHS. 

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