Unexpected Death Brings Comfort

The unexpected death of a family pet is a very difficult situation–one that I frequently experience with families.  However, sometimes when you can see the entire picture, a tender love can bring comfort to the family.

Easing the transition

An unexpected death

This is one of the  love stories that a family shared with me — the proof of why we sacrifice to have our pets companion us through life..and death.

Mother’s Day morning, a mother and her young adult daughter were dealing with the rehabilitation of the grandmother.  Grandmother had been making steady progress and they were preparing the house to bring her home from the rehab facility to continue her recovery.  However that morning, they found their beloved dog Kasha, had passed.  Kasha had not been sick and her passing seemed so random and unexpected.  The mother and daughter were heart-broken.  Mother’s Day morning, they called me to make arrangements for Kasha’s cremation.

Later that day, they were notified that Grandmother had had an unexpected set back and that despite her recent progress, she was declining rapidly.  The mother and daughter went to her to try and make sense of the situation.  Continuing her decline, the following day Grandmother was admitted to hospice, as she was slowly dying.  The mother and daughter stayed with the grandmother, quietly talking to her and holding her.

Late in the afternoon, the daughter reminded the mother that they had not yet told the grandmother of the passing of Kasha.  The Grandmother’s breathing was labored and her eyes  seemed transfixed  on something in the corner of the hospital room.  The  mother whispered to the grandmother that Kasha had unexpectedly died the previous day.  At that moment, the grandmother lowered her gaze, smiled a little smile and and took her last breath, knowing that Kasha was waiting to give her the perfect welcome.

The mother and daughter knew that Grandpa, who had passed years ago, was a little gruff and they took comfort knowing that their sweet dog Kasha had gone ahead to ease Grandma’s transition and be among the loved ones waiting there to help her pass.  Kasha was buried with Grandmother, her beloved companion in life … and death.

If you are struggling with grief, you may want to read an article written by Elizabeth Babcock entitled, Grief: What All Mourners Need to Know” which can be accesseed through the following link:


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