Baxter Finally Found Love

Baxter finds love

Baxter finds love

This Valentine’s Day we can all learn from Baxter and the loving family that adopted him and gave him a home to call his own, if only for 3 short but sweet weeks.  Baxter was an adorable Terrier mix who was found as a stray running with a broken leg.  Although his history is a mystery, it was evident that Baxter had a difficult life.  Sometimes known at the shelter as “grumpy,” Baxter was always passed by when people came to the shelter to adopt an animal.  That is until one day when Larry and Barb came in to drop off their annual donations to help support the shelter at Christmas time.  “We did not go to the shelter to adopt a dog that day,” Barb said, “but my husband took one look at Baxter and said, we can’t leave him here, he needs a home for Christmas.”

So Larry and Barb adopted Baxter and proudly called them their own.  Already fragile at his young age of approximately 7 years old, Larry and Barb soon realized their sweet Baxter was also deaf.  Although Baxter didn’t show much interest in the toys presented to him, he sure did enjoy his Mighty Dog food his new mommy and daddy gave him.  But most of all, Baxter finally had a home to call his very own and a family who loved him dearly.

Sadly, Baxter passed away just 3 1/2 short weeks later of unknown causes.  Sometimes our hearts have a way of guiding us through life and changing the course of our day as is shown through this heartfelt and true love story.  On this Valentine’s Day, and everyday, we can all learn from the kindness of Larry and Barb who started their day as any other, yet managed to change a life and found a place in their heart and  home for a homeless dog who just wanted to be loved.

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