The Pet First Aid Story: Donating Pet Oxygen Masks

deb and karen giving donation to bethel park

Deb explains how the kits were purchased and what they are used for.

First responders in Bethel Park Municipality are now better prepared for pet emergencies thanks to Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation and Pet Emergency Training, LLC.

02 fur life kit

What the kit looks like.

Two O2 Fur LifeTM kits were purchased with donations from people attending the free Pet First Aid class sponsored in Bethel Park in August by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation and taught by Karen Sable of Pet Emergency Training, LLC.

“Thirty-plus people attended the class in Bethel Park,” said Deb Chebatoris, owner of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation. In addition to hosting the class, Deb also prepares a basic Pet First Aid kit for each person attending to take home. “The students generously offered donations after the class, so Karen offered to purchase the 02 Fur LifeTM kits from her supplier and donate them to the municipality.”

masks and tubing for 02 fur life

The masks and tubing in the O2 Fur Life(TM) kit.

When an animal needs oxygen after a fire or accident, a mask for humans doesn’t give a tight enough fit to the muzzle to be effective. The 02 Fur LifeTM kit contains three sizes of oxygen masks with tubing that can attach to a standard oxygen tank ensuring that a cat or small dog, medium-sized dog and large dog with short or long snout will get the oxygen they need.

And in teaching that one of the first elements of pet first aid a person needs to learn is to restrain the animal so that it can be treated safely, Karen adds, “The bag can be used to restrain a cat if you need to.”

o2 fur life certificate presented to bethel park

Certificate presented to Bethel Park.

The kit also contains an instructional DVD for use of the masks and decals to place on emergency vehicles to advertise that the pet emergency oxygen masks are available in that vehicle.

“Many police and fire companies can’t use their own money to purchase things not intended for humans,” Karen explained, so even if they had wanted to Bethel Park or other municipalities or services would need to find private money to purchase the kits or have them donated.

The kits were presented to Bethel Park Police Chief John Mackey and Dave of Tri-Community South EMS at the November 14 Bethel Park council meeting.

Police Chief Mackey thanked Deb and Karen for their donation and added, “We’re so glad to have these on hand, but we hope we never have to use them.”

police chief mackey thanking for the 02 fur life masks

Police Chief Mackey thanks Deb and Karen.

You can watch the presentation on the BPTV channel on YouTube in the regular council meeting of November 14, 2011 as part of the Police Chief report beginning at about 5:05.

Please check the CCPC website to find out about upcoming classes, or to find out information about scheduling one in your community.

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