Dog Body Language Class October 12

black lab on trail

What would you do if you saw this dog on the trail?

Saturday, Oct 12

505 McMillan Street
Bridgeville, PA   15017

Call 412/220-7800 to register

Dogs are very expressive animals. They communicate when they are feeling happy, sad, nervous, fearful and angry. Through their eyes, faces and bodies they convey so much information. After attending this class, you will know how to “read” postures and signals to better understand their motivations and better predict what they are likely to do. With the skills you learn, you will interact with dogs with greater enjoyment and safety.

Penny Lane is a certified professional dog trainer with expertise in dog/family safety. She is a dynamic speaker who has previously presented a course sponsored by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation on How to React to an Aggressive Dog.

The class is offered FREE as a community service by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, however space is limited, so please call me today to reserve your place in class!

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