Pet First Aid Certification Class in Bridgeville

pet first aid class

Pet First Aid Classes

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is sponsoring a three-hour pet first aid certification class at the Bridgeville Public Library on May 3, 2014, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CCPC offers these sessions free of charge in an attempt to offer families the skills that they may need to save the life of their dear pet.

“It is difficult when we lose a pet who has lived a full and long life, but it is practically impossible to say goodbye when the pet is only a few years old. The grief is palpable in these situations, with families saying they had such plans for the life cut drastically short.”

And not just considering household emergencies, but with the number of weather related problems during the past several years (floods, tornadoes and large snowfalls with power outages), the western Pennsylvania area has not been spared the impact these conditions can have on our beloved pets.


The four-hour certification class covers, for both dogs and cats:

  • injury assessment
  • rescue breathing
  • canine and feline CPR
  • bleeding protocols
  • choking management
  • heat and cold injuries
  • bites and stings
  • seizures
  • poisoning
  • fractures and limb injuries
  • creating a home pet first aid kit

Participants will receive lecture presentations as well as extensive demonstration on stuffed animals and hands on skills practice. The class includes training materials, a first aid handbook, Certificate of Completion and wallet card.

After seeing a few circumstances in my business where a knowledge of pet first aid may have saved a pet’s life I decided I would help pet owners avoid this tragedy in some way. I partnered with Karen Sable of Pet Emergency Training LLC to sponsor both Pet Fist Aid Introductory and Certification classes at no charge to those attending.

These classes are also open to animal professionals:

  • veterinary technicians
  • practice managers
  • groomers
  • pet sitters
  • dog day care employees
  • pet kennel and resort employees
  • anyone who handles animals on a regular basis


The classes require preparation and space is limited so participants must register to attend by calling Deb at 412/220-7800.


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