What If Your Pet Dies While You Are Away?

Whether you are on family vacation, traveling on a business trip,
or out of town for another event,
what would you do if your pet passed away while you were gone?
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is here to meet your needs during such a difficult time.
You are never ready to say goodbye to your beloved pet, especially if your companion passes while you are away. When that time comes, saying a final goodbye is an important step in dealing with your loss.
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation can help ease this difficult transition by receiving your pet from the kennel and holding the body until you return home. Once you are home, you and your family can come to CCPC to say one special and final farewell to your precious pet. Taking the time to touch, pet and kiss your furry family member can offer solace and comfort during a very stressful time.


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