Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits
Painted by Bernadette Kazmarski

Bernadette truly captures the emotions and vitality of your beloved companion in her stunning, one-of-a kind portraits. Whether your pet is lounging in their favorite comfy spot, perched upon a window sill peering out at the world, or frolicking in their favorite grassy field, Bernadette can bring lifelike realism to your pet’s portrait.

Bernadette creates a composite portrait from many photos and, if your pet is still living, even a live visit in your home. She can create any background, include toys or even group animals together in a way they’d never pose.
More than a few of the portraits she has created have been memorials to pets who are gone, created from viewing many family pictures. Many have been portraits of a friend’s or family member’s pet given as a special personalized gift. In the end, you have a piece of original artwork.


Your pet’s portrait need not be a face forward shot of a classic pose—a good portrait captures the attitude of its subject. She can capture a typical event in your pet’s daily routine, or one of those singular moments you love to tell everyone about. The more interesting the setting or behavior, the better it defines your best friend as the unique individual they are.

If you would like to commission Bernadette to create a portrait of your beloved, click the link to get in touch with her directly.

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