A Special Place For A Special Time

Losing your pet is a very difficult time, a time when you want someone who understands your grief and will treat your precious one with tenderness and concern. When considering your options for the aftercare of your pet, you can either let the veterinary clinic offer you their available choices or you can choose to make the arrangements yourself directly with Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation.

Upon entering CCPC’s facility, your family is greeted with a peaceful living room setting where we discuss arrangements. Your pet is there with you, and you may even choose to spend some quiet time, saying your final goodbyes.

Unique to CCPC is the preparation of the cremains for return to your family…. your pet is returned in a handmade fabric bag. This bag can be made from a fabric you select from the large collection of beautiful fabric I have here at the facility. Alternatively, I can craft your precious pet’s bag from a fabric that has a sentimental meaning to your family —a winter coat, a favorite neckerchief, a baby blanket.

A favorite stuffed animal can even be incorporated into the design of the bag. When I place your pet’s remains into your hands, it may remind you of the their soft, warm touch.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation truly is a special place for a special time.

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