I’m Pleased to Present the 2010 Tribute Scroll

Tribute Scroll opening

I am pleased to present Tribute Scroll 2010, including photos and tributes from families who attended Pet Memorial Sunday 2010.

Every year we encourage Pet Memorial Sunday participants to provide photos of their pets and a written tribute of 50 words or fewer.

This year, we decided to begin a new tradition and offer something families could visit even after Pet Memorial Sunday as a memory of the event and as a lasting tribute to their pet. 

We’ve composed a slideshow of images including your pet’s image followed by your written tribute, and posted the slideshow on a new page on the website, “Tribute Scroll”. Families who provided only a tribute will see a lovely, peaceful image of nature with their pet’s or pets’ name(s).

Each year, we’ll add another slideshow from the next Pet Memorial Sunday, but all the shows will remain on this page.

The slideshow also includes parts of the introduction and closing remarks from Pet Memorial Sunday 2010 along with photos of the memory tables and the dove release. We’ve decided to add music and an original composition is in process, but we didn’t want to make you wait to see the photos so we are releasing it now. We’ll let you know when the music is included.

When you visit the website and click on the link, the Tribtue Scroll will open in a new window on top of the page you are viewing and will begin to play after about five seconds. If the page does not open, make sure you temporarily allow pop-ups.

The slideshow is about eight minutes long and pauses on each image and each tribute long enough for you to read be able to ponder and appreciate them. You can also pause and resume the slideshow and scroll through the thumbnails to one you’d like to see using the controls at the bottom of the screen.

Please feel free to post any comments about the Tribute Scroll here. We’d love to hear what you think.

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