Can Dogs Get Jealous Too?

Woman giving dogs a treat

I’m a good boy!

Have you ever been walking with your dog and encountered an old friend? A neighbor? The mailman?  And noticed your furry friend immediately demands all of your attention?  Have you ever wondered why he/she does this?  Well, there might be more to this behavior than you think according to an article written in

“For years, researchers have been debating the mechanisms behind the feeling of jealousy. Is it simply a phenomenon created by society? Or is the emotion hardwired into our brains? Now, a new study looking at jealous behavior among dogs supports the latter, suggesting there is a basic form of the emotion that has evolved in order to protect social relationships from outside threats.”

I don’t know about you, but I can personally relate to this “”dog jealousy” with my darling “Heinz 57” pup.  With the holiday coming up, it reminds me of how my dog likes to be “glued at my hip” when we are at a family gathering.  Maybe it is just because he feels more comfortable with “mommy” and expects a holiday treat to “fall” onto the floor, or maybe something else is conjuring up in his little doggie mind.  Is he jealous?  Is he upset that I am not giving him my usual undivided attention?  Or is he simply being a sweet and loyal companion who wants to be with me every step of the day?

Regardless of the reason, the next time your dog acts strangely, or even a bit possessive, ask yourself this question, could my four legged friend be jealous?  The answer just may surprise you!


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